So I was wondering how to say "so" as in for instance "I've just started learning Spanish, so I don't soptimal that well yet"?

I understand that "Así que" have the right to be used for somepoint prefer this yet I was wondering if there is an extra straight word. I regularly come up through phrases that would certainly require a word choose this, but I haven't interpreted exactly how to expression it.

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Entonces? Pues?

Yeah me also, but I don't feel confident that it's great. Haven't really understood the difference in between pues and entonces either tbh

In this case I would certainly say 'so' is really being used more like 'therefore'. If anypoint it's a shortening of 'so that'. I would say for that factor entonces isn't appropriate many of the time.

In your instance, one would certainly use así que.

The word "so" in English is quite exciting - it has actually countless offers and definitions relying on the conmessage.

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Using "so" to define a degree: "Look at what he offered me, it's so nice!" - "Mira lo que me dió, es tan lindo!"

Using "so" to describe a consequence: "I didn't have sufficient money, so I couldn't buy it." - "No tuve suficiente dinero, por lo que no lo pude comprar" (it's helpful to think of "por lo que" and "por lo tanto" as "therefore" in English)

Using "so" to suggest a purpose: view /u/-Obito- comment

Using "so" to present addition: "That computer system broke dvery own, and so did the various other one" - "Esa computadora se rompió, y también la otra"

nativos corrijan pls ~

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se que no es exactamente lo que pedís pero acá te pongo una lista de conectores

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Gracias, me parece muy servicial!

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