We would favor to say thanks to you for taking this time to acquire to know our family members. We understand also that this should be very tough for you and also we truly feel that fostering is the ultimate act of love and selflessness. As we pray for God to carry us the appropriate child for our family, we also pray for you to have actually peace around your decision and have comfort understanding as soon as you have uncovered the ideal family members to love and care for your son.

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We understand also that what may be a dream come true for us is resulting in you excellent heartache. All we can promise you is that if we are that household, that we will certainly love your son unconditionally. We want you to understand that we honor your decision, and we are open up to communication if that is something you desire. We hope to provide you a glimpse right into our stays and also that you will certainly see a life of love, adendeavor, hope, toughness, confidence, and laughter.

Joe & Tammy



Married because 2001

Reside in Virginia

Joe’s Occupation: Lead Tactics Instructor for Military, Police, and also Corporate Organizations

Tammy’s Occupation: Part-Time Dental Hygienist and also a Group Fitness Coach

About Us:We first met in our church youth group. Tammy was instantly attracted to Joe’s sense of humor and adventurous soul. Tammy cheered all through middle and high school, yet she was pretty shy. I guess the saying “opposites attract” is true; at least for us that was the instance. We always kbrand-new that we wanted youngsters but shortly after we were married, Joe was deployed through the Naval Corp and also spent 3 years amethod from residence. Nat an early stage 10 years into our marital relationship and also after miscarriperiods and numerous years of infertility, we were blessed through the birth of our first son, Dillinger. Not lengthy after, we were able to have another boy and Barrett came right into our civilization. We wanted even more kids yet soon discovered out that we would certainly not have the ability to have anymore. The Lord started to sheight to our hearts, and also we knew that he had plans for even more children in our family and he was leading us to adoption. We have a number of friends that have actually embraced, and we view the love that these family members share. We would love to add a tiny girl to our family to even points out a little. We might use a couple of tea parties and also dollhomes. Then aget, an additional stormy and tumble little boy would fit in perfectly and we would certainly welcome either into our house via love and enthusiasm for their own distinctive personality and also interests.

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We started dating in High School and also we have been married virtually 20 years.Dillinger gone into our lives in 2010 and also Barrett in 2013.Joe is a really good singer. He provided to sing lead in a team. Tammy is a devastating singer, but she has actually the dance moves.Tammy’s favorite date is when she was in Phoenix for a occupational conference, and also while sitting at lunch, Joe walked up behind her and tapped her on the shoulder. He had actually flvery own out just for the day and also took her to an remarkable restaurant for dinner and also then he flew ago residence.Tammy is exceptionally girlie and was a hairstylist for numerous years before she ended up being a dental hygienist, however Joe learned to cut hair in college to make additional money from his dorm buddies giving them haircuts. He now cuts our boys’ hair.Tammy loves to prepare and bake and also prepares practically all the meals in our home, however Joe is the understand chef of breakfast.We are expensive pet lovers. Because we have been married, we have had actually 4 dogs, 1 potbelly pig, a rooster, 2 equines, 2 rats, and a leopard gecko.We have stayed in Virginia many of our stays, however Joe invested 8 years of his childhood outside of London, England also, and Tammy spent 10 years of her childhood in Orlando, Florida.Tammy’s mom resides adjacent and has actually constantly been very associated via our children’s lives. Tammy now works component time, so she will certainly be home with the children or they will be with Maw Maw Lois.Whenever we travel, human being regularly come approximately Joe erroneously reasoning he is John Cena.