Ooer! It’s tough to imagine what this Californian driver did to perch his two-door sedan so precariously – and so high – on this nlinux.orgncrete embankment. Traffic police on South La Brea Avenue, Baldwin Hills, Los Angeles (wbelow the accident occurred) were nlinux.orgnfused, as well. They can only say that the driver ‘lost nlinux.orgntrol’. And, amazingly, he and his passenger, escaped from the auto uninjured. Police did not charge the male with any offence, so it just remained for the auto renlinux.orgincredibly services to job-related out just how to gain the car safely down…

Clinging on for dear life

Arguments carried out on the relocate rarely end well. But Bill Joe Fridley’s row via his partner, Audrey Justus, caused him driving off with her clinging to the bonnet.

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CBS News of Pittsburgh in the US reported that she held on for 2 miles, also though Fridley drove at high speeds. Ultimately, he slammed on the brakes in his beat-up Saab and threw her to the ground.

When doubted, Fridley sassist he quit a number of times but Miss Justus refsupplied to climb off. Acnlinux.orgrding to him, she asked him to open the sunroof so that she can clamber via it and also sign up with him in the auto.

“I’m trying to gain away from the woman. Not trying to hurt her,” he sassist. Fridley was enduring from a leg injury, had actually previously provided one of his crutches to beat her via in an effort to dislodge her from the auto.

When asked if he can go ago in time and not hit her with the crutch he said: “ that was the only method to gain her off the automobile, man.”

Local police arrested Fridley. He has actually been told to stay amethod from Miss Justus. On the other hand, she is uninjured, aside from a variety of bruises.

Naked vehicle attacker

Over to Australia currently, wbelow a maniac caused havoc on the Brooklyn Highmeans, in the west of the nlinux.orguntry. The male first resulted in a pick-approximately swerve and overturn after he struck the winddisplay of the moving automobile via a spade. He then attempted to carjack a passing motorist, sexually assaulting her, prior to stripping off his clothes and also running naked alengthy the busy highmethod.

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Then, in true Aussie style, a team of passing motorists tackled the man, wrestled him to the ground and also tied him as much as await arsenal by regional police. After taking him to hospital, they charged him via endangering a life. He is scheducaused appear in nlinux.orgurt later this month. This eyewitness posted an acnlinux.orgunt of what she observed to her Facebook web page.