When you couldn"t go to a birthday party or you damaged a vase in your friends mums house and you say to them:

No, I"m really really really sorry. I"ll make it as much as you. I"ll take you for icecream. Or something choose this

I think that the verb reivindicarse could be the closest but I was wondering if this is the the majority of correct method to express it.


nooo lo siento mucho, te juro que no quise perder tu cachorro me reivindicaré vamos, te llevo a la tienda de mascotas y te compro otro
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what around "ill make it upto you." only in nlinux.org?
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I think it relies on the conmessage, you have the right to use reinvindicaror compensaror quedar a mano.

Now then I think that reinvindicar is even more used in a redemption fashion. For instance if you damaged the leg of someone in the heat of rage you would care of him for all those months for reinvindicación. This deserve to additionally be used to pay for your sins for circumstances make a great deed to reinvindicar your sins.

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In my opinion compensar is more to make up for an injustice, say you made a attend to a friend about exchanging a bicycle for a motorcycle, so because you provided just a bicycle you should also provide 100$ or somepoint to compensar.

I think that the one that adapts the most to make up to someone is quedar a manobereason this naturally implies that you are "even", if you shed the puppy of someone:

Lo siento mucho, no quise perder tu cachorro, te conseguiré otro y así quedamos a mano.

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I choose the answer that Joze offered, however I think in the sentence you want to interpret about the dog, is much better to say "te lo voy a compensar".

When you are saying

"No, I"m really really really sorry. I"ll make it approximately you. I"ll take you for icecream."


nooo lo siento mucho, te juro que no quise perder tu cachorro me reivindicaré vamos, te llevo a la tienda de mascotas y te compro otro

You are definition you want to compensate that perboy, for something you did or cause to them, the meaning is in what you feel (you are sorry), and also what you desire to make them feel.

To say "quedar a mano" in that context, would be wrong. Is favor saying "make it even"

I think that many type of people would certainly be rather offended if you tell them that you lost their dog and you are going to gain one more so you are even. Can you really be even? There is emotial value to the lost dog that deserve to never before be reinserted, you deserve to never be even in such a situation, so it would certainly not be correct to say "quedar a mano".

quedar a mano = make even

Of course if it is a cshed friend, you might use that expression in a joking means, but not being major.

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Compesar = resarcir

Compensar has actually the interpretation of resarcir (does not use just to injustice), it doesn"t indicate you can be also via that perchild, you are trying to be also, you are trying to make it better for the other person.

If you acquire in an accident they pay you, to compensate you, indemnify you, from your loses. But if you lost your leg, does not issue just how a lot they pay, they are not also with you.