Hot Tools NanoCeramic 1 1/4" Salon Tapered Iron - Extfinished Barrel creates beautiful, tapered, long-lasting curls. Pulse Technology for gets warm...remains warm performance. Rapid heat-up and immediate heat recoexceptionally. Maintains consistent, even warm while you style.Nano Ceramic Micro-Shine Styling Surface:Ultra-smooth surchallenge offers snag-cost-free styling.Micro-Shine end up imparts significant shine and also produces frizz-cost-free long-lasting curls.Far-Infrared gentle heat minimizes damage while protecting hair"s integrity.Extfinished Barrel: Extra-long styling surface allows more hair to come into contact with the longer barrel for much faster styling outcomes and also maximum curl retention.Key Features:Rheostat manage dial with variable warm settings up to 450FExtra-lengthy barrel styles all hair lengths faster, especially long hairExtra-long cool tipPower indicator lightSeparate On/Off switchFoldamethod safety and security standHeat-resistant glove included8 ft. Professional swivel cordOne-year manufacturer"s warranty

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Great curling wand also for lengthy hair!

I bought this wand also because of the extfinished barrel for my long that is long (comes down previous my mid back) I had a Revlon curling wand also I had actually had for rather some time yet my hair is so lengthy it go to the allude that all of one strand would no longer fit unless I overlapped or wrapped super tight. When I usage the wand also I am going for looser, beachy wave type curls via my hair. The tighter I wrapped of course the tighter the curl. The length isn"t that much much longer than a continuous wand but it provides all the difference. The wand also heats fast and provides curls that will last all day!! I have the right to currently wrap huge portions of hair on peak of not having to overlap the curl. This wand is fabulous and would certainly buy aget. I have just had actually it for a few weeks so cant sheight to the life and durcapacity of the product yet, yet I really prefer it so far.

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Many Helpful Critical Review

Really wanted to love it

I got this for Christmas and also was so excited to use it! I do not know what"s wrong bereason it heats up fine yet it just doesn"t hold the curls! I have another warm devices curler and it"s fantastic! Is it feasible the curler is broken or I"m doing somepoint wrong? I"m not brand-new to wands or hair curling so I can not imagine doing something wrong! I do not desire to need to rerotate it however it just does not host the curls for longer than a couple of minutes for me!!!

Reregarded by 94 customers



Allie from314

Doesn"t last long as my last one of my calls once I have actually had institution does not last lengthy I didn"t last lengthy are you dvery own for this cute I choose the job-related he is on the list does not kill my hair

This is the BEST


I typically do not perform this fromAR

I tried Chi, and the L"ange Airflow, I wanted wavy/curly. This renders it look favor I left the salon, takes 10 minutes & I look prefer I understand what I"m doing! I do not even usage hairspray. I simply run my fingers via it after that.

It"s Love


2LEO fromCalifornia

I have actually fine, straight hair normally and also this wand is a game changer for my hair! The volume and also curls last all day, despite other curling products leaving my hair only mildly lifted via bacount a wave. Couldn"t beat the price either!

Great wand


SJ fromArkansas

Easy to usage, good for lengthy hair.

Best wand also ever


Maccrucial fromUtah

I"ve had actually this curling wand for 5 years now. It has constantly given me that bed curls. I highly recommfinish this.

Love it


The Scaredy Cat fromDetroit, MI

I"ve invested a lot of of my life terrified of trying to curl my hair, (why? I"m not specifically sure) however I stumbled into and also made a decision it was time to grow up and also execute it. For my first time it went so so well! Perfect curls, I"m so excited

Nice Curls


Rachael fromCorvallis, OR

Loved the curl it provided and exactly how simple it wregarding use.

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Did not job-related on my thick curly hair


Mols fromOhio

So I was really excited to usage this curling wand also yet when I supplied it it bacount worked on my hair. People via thick curly hair DO NOT BUY!

I love this it functions great!


Ramona fromLapeer MI

This heats up quick and is simple to usage.

Yes I would certainly buy this aobtain for someone else


Jap from79412

The person that I bought for loved the way her hair curled. And continued to be for the whole day!!

8 years of life and also reordering