Home Is Not A Place It’s A Feeling

Carly BensonJuly 22, 2015Affirmations, Personal DevelopmentLeave a Comment


If you follow alengthy on my Instagram, you understand that I travel quite a little. Living the suitsituation life really renders you have actually an appreciation for house. Or at leastern the moments that feel choose it. Recently in my travels I started to realize that residence is not a area, it’s a feeling. And that was solidified tonight as I watched an exceptional Florida sunset light the sky on fire with yellow, pink and also purple.

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While I might be at my house in Florida, the feeling I obtain as soon as I watch the sun go down is a feeling of tranquility, and that to me is what residence really is. As I sat in admiration of exactly how lucky I am to have the ability to witness such beauty, I couldn’t aid however feel prefer I was being hugged. As I explored this concept that house is a feeling, I came to be flooded via what it feels choose to me.

Home to me is…

The moments that take your breath away.

When you want to close your eyes to take a picture so you never before forget it.

The times when you feel the majority of serene and also at ease. Ala lot of as if time were singing to you.

The feeling you gain once you walk into a place that just has actually your name written anywhere it.

When you hear a song and also the rhythm speaks to you in ways that move you.

A touch or a look from someone you care around that melts you.

When you don’t want to leave.

When you catch yourself smiling only to smile also bigger.

A area that feels favor a heat and also cozy blanket.

Where you find the many balance. Your center.

The room wright here you flourish.

A anxiety totally free zone wbelow the noise of the world is tuned out.

Where you feel most artistic, light and alive.

What lights you up and offers you energy.

The location wright here you find rest and also solace.

When you catch yourself laughing so uncontrollably that you think you can burst.

When you feel a feeling of treasured sweetness and delight.

The location you feel a lot of entirety and connected.

A minute of love that is so intense it makes your heart shake.

The feeling that you are ideal wbelow you are expected to be.

Wright here you feel you can prosper and also your eyes fill with possibilities.

A item of this life where walls do not exist.

When you feel like you are weightmuch less, effortless and timeless.

What captivates you and also breathes life into you.

Where you can be entirely and totally yourself, quirks and goofiness had.

When you feel a link to your innera lot of being that whispers “this is it.”



Soopoint to your soul.

What feels favor a sanctuary in heaven.

Home is what provides your skip a heart beat.

Home is all the comfort you look for.

Home is wbelow you deserve to many passionately and purposecompletely pursue your desires.

Home is the location wbelow the desire to escape ceases to exist.

Where you long to be. Your happy area.

My eyes, mind and heart have caught so many valuable memories over the years. As I think back on all the fond times, I deserve to remember feeling at house inside so many of them. Home is a sacred and cherimelted place to visit, no matter where you are physically.

Often in mediations we are told to go somewbelow that renders us happy wbelow we feel at residence. This could be particular setting, with a perchild or doing somepoint we love. In any case, it’s a location in our mind and in our heart wbelow we feel safe. Knowing what this feels and also looks like is so important. It not only offers us appreciation yet it also helps us come to be even more in tune through our intuition.

Having a feeling of what house feels prefer is a great overview for our souls to know when we are in alignment via courses that bring about our greatest good. For me, I use this as a gauge for staying on track. As shortly as feelings of stress and anxiety, issue, anger, frustration, disappointment or discomfort enter the scene, it tells me that my spirit may be trying to communicate via me. It lets me understand somepoint is off balance and that I may have actually drifted amethod from house base.

I’m all for stepping out of comfort zones to learn and also grown in a healthy means. However, if someone, somewright here or somepoint isn’t making you feel at home or in harmony, it’s more than likely time to reevaluate just how a lot time you spend there. Since if it’s disrupting your peace, chances are your intuition might be trying to tell you something.

It’s crucial to be mindful of how you are feeling and exactly how your emovements shift in various atmospheres. Pay attention to once you’re feeling at home and as soon as you’re not so that once you uncover yourself in the midst of any type of kind of chaos you can constantly bring yourself back to your sanctuary. Not just that, but so that you deserve to usage your awareness and also intuition to guide you ago home into safety.

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Find what makes you feel at residence and also relish in just how it constantly offers you precisely what you require. Find your true house, build your life around it and don’t clear up for anypoint less than the life you feel you were meant to live. After all, home is where the heart is. And that is a miraculous area to be.