This is a review of Hollylumber and also History, Costume Deauthorize in Film. This book is a fantastic reresource comprised of a collection of essays and also photos outlining the comprehensive background of wardrobe design in film.


Book Facts (from the publisher)

Hollywood and also History: Costume Design in Film (Hardcover)by Edward Maeder (Author), Alicia Annas (Author), Satch Lavalley (Author), Elois Jenssen (Author)

# Hardcover: 256 pages# Publisher: Thames & Hudchild (1987, 1990)# Language: English# ISBN-10: 0500014221# ISBN-13: 978-0500014226

Written Content (7/10)

This book is a compilation of essays by Edward Maeder, Alicia Annas, Satch LaValley, and also Elios Jenssen, arranged by Edward Maeder. This was a companion piece to an exhibition held by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, via assistance from the Costume Designers Guild and also the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and also Sciences, with a grant by the National Endowment of the Arts.

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The book is consisted of of the adhering to chapters and sections:

The Celluloid Image: Historical Dress in Film

The Three Faces of Cleopatra (photo essay)

The Photogenic Formula: Hairformats and also Makeup in Historical Films

Makeup in Historical Films

Hollytimber and Seventh Avenue: The Impact of Period Films on Fashion

Period Films on FashionVisions of the Future: Costume in Science Fiction Films (photo essay)

Exhibition Checklist


The esclaims are well-researched, academic, and extremely interesting.

Visual Collateral (7/10)

Obviously, the visuals are basic to the job-related. Tbelow are many stills, screencaptures, photos, costume deindicators and also illustrations. Due to the nature of the movies spanned, extending the history of film, many kind of photos are babsence and also white as the source was, and color is offered as reflective of the movies.

It is even more of a recommendation work-related than a “coffee table book”, in my opinion, yet an excellent recommendation for fans of films.

Below are a couple of sample peras from the book (click each photo for complete resolution):








Presentation/Quality (7/10)

The book itself in both hardcover and also softcover versions, and of a traditional dimension and I would certainly characterize it as textbook top quality. Given that it is a compilation of essays from various authors, it is fairly straightforward in its layout.

Overall Value (10/10)

This book it long out of print, having actually been publimelted in 1987, but it have the right to be discovered reasonably conveniently virtual from various digital book resellers, for as low as $6 (which is what I paid). Given the low price, it is a fantastic deal.

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Conclusion and Overall Rating (8/10)

I am primarily a collector of more modern movies, yet even so, I’ve found this to be an amazing book and also tbelow is content related to movies of the 70s and 80s, including science fiction movies. This is the first out of print book that I have actually reregarded, but I believed it was worth drawing attention to this book in that it is a good resource and can be found online for under $10 shipped.

Jakid De Bord

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