Fortnite has actually included what might be among its toughest obstacles for the Downtvery own Drop LTM yet, asking players to hit trickjumps on the crane, elevated train or fence. The excellent news there is the “or,” as that suggests you only need to hit among these in order to qualify for the prize, which is the “KEVIN’ skateboard architecture that any true Cube fan is going to desire to have.

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There are three separate spots wbelow you want to attempt to pull off these tricks, and all of them are decently tough.

The Fence

The fence jump is the first one dvery own the hill that you’ll see on the left hand side. You must go off the ramp to the left of the photo below after building up some rate, and also then grind on the fence that surrounds the basketround court for it to count. It’s no easy job, and also I couldn’t also take a screenswarm of my attempts because uh, I couldn’t do it. Sorry I suck. So you might not want to perform this one if you’re not confident in your grinding abilities.

The Elevated Train

Tright here might actually be two different spots for this, as there are 2 various trains that cross the map, yet for my money, after you make the turn through the 2 food trucks, you go down to the bottom of the following hill, remain to the left and hit a jump that will certainly take you to the elevated train in the edge and also some coins that go around the structures on the edge of the map. There’s one more bridge in the middle of the map you have the right to jump over via a train on it, however I’m not sure if that one counts yet. Try it if you desire.



The Crane can be the the majority of exceptional stunt at all considering how high you go. Once you get previous the train spot over, you round the following edge and on the right side of the track you will view a crane you can ramp up and also hit the trick swarm if you make it all the method to the height. This one is actually not as difficult as it looks, so I would certainly recommend it if you were struggling via some of the others.

You need to have the ability to gain at least one of these in a few laps, and also if you execute, the KEVIN skateboard is yours. Good luck, I believe in you.

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