He Took His Skin Off For Me

The story of a man who takes his skin off for his girlfrifinish, and why it probably wasn"t the best idea...

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The story of a male that takes his skin off for his girlfrifinish, and why it most likely wasn"t the best idea...
He Took His Skin Off For Me 11 MIN

Rob Munday

The story of a male making the ultimate sacrifice for his partner, Ben Aston’s He Took His Skin Off For Me is a twisted modern-day fairytale featuring some outstanding visual FX occupational and a truly captivating narrative. Character-propelled and surprisingly relatable, Aston’s latest brief blends fantasy facets with relationship drama to produce among the a lot of memorable and striking brief films you’re likely to witness in 2015.

One of the points I love many around creating for Short of the Week is watching a burgeoning filmmaker discover their voice and also construct their style. HTHSOFM is Aston’s third brief and the third of his movies we’ve featured on SotW in the last 12-months (after Dinner and also a Movie and also Russian Roulette). If his previously occupational showcased his comic timing, then his latest displays his talent for structure distinct and also relatable on-display screen narratives and orchestrating a hugely exceptional production. Aston is a filmmaker via a flair for character building, he has actually that rather rare talent of making his audiences really treatment and empathise with his personalities and his latest short is no exemption. In spite of the mythical premise at the core of HTHSOFM’s narrative, its story revolves around partnership concerns we have the right to all more than likely quickly relate to. It’s a film around love, commitment and sacrifice and although his on-display protagonist goes to excessive lengths to make his partner happy, it’s a fitting embodiment of the lengths we will certainly go-to to please our considerable various other.

Quite often we’ll come throughout shorts through an unforgettable and eye-recording visual hook, yet they’ll loss down as soon as it concerns the storytelling – or vice-versa – this definitely isn’t the situation through Aston’s brief. Taking a narrative first technique after ending up being rather obsessed through Maria Hummer’s original short story of the very same name, director Aston knew that he had actually a captivating storyline for his film, however he additionally knew his film wouldn’t stand-as much as scrutinisation if it failed to translate the fantasy scenario believably to display. Putting together his very own SFX team of over 12 human being for the shoot, Aston enprovided the assist of Colin Arthur (SFX supervisor for The Neverfinishing Story) as rather of a mentor in this department. Determined to avoid CGI completely and go the route of helpful results, the film’s FX team developed hundreds of individual muscle pieces to transdevelop lead actor Sebastian Armesto right into the skinless character of ‘Him’. Creating an result that is as unsettling as it is beautiful, Aston admits he couldn’t be happier through the last on-display result, believing that its efficiency in permitting its audience to suspend disbelief lies in the “tangibility of the virtually photographed image” (the director speaks even more around his teams FX job-related in our detailed interwatch about He Took His Skin Off For Me).

If Hollywood and also the talent scouts of the attribute film industry really do have actually an eye on the brief film world, then someone demands to gain Aston and also Hummer on the phone ASAP – as this is storytelling of the greatest degree. As relocating and relatable as it is visually outstanding, He Took His Skin Off For Me has set the bar exceptionally high for the rest of the shorts we’ll be featuring on our site in 2015.

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Find out even more around He Took His Skin Off For Me and also what director Aston is functioning on following in our interwatch with the filmmaker.