You have a method via words.What does it mean? is this a sarcastic word? or Can I use it for someone who speaks nicely? Is tright here one more word for someone who speaks or text plainly and also effectively


In basic, it is a compliment:

Wow, that speech you gave was amazing! You have a real method with words!

Just like many type of phrases in English, it can be provided sarcastically to suppose the exact opposite. For example, picture 2 guys in a bar trying to pick up on women:

Bob: Hey baby. You need to be Jamaican, bereason Jamaihave the right to (you"re making) me crazy!

(After she walks ameans from that damaging pick-up line)

Jim: Wow Bob, that was remarkable. I never before kbrand-new you had actually such a means through words.

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To have a means with words suggests to have actually a talent for using language in a:

charming / eloquent / efficient / persuasive manner.

It is also described as: the gift of the gab.

Although the expression recognises the talent of the speaker, it deserve to equally be offered of great orators or of demagogues/rabble-rousers.

That"s to say, it acknowledges the capacity of the speaker to use words effectively to accomplish a goal, whether for great or evil.

One way of achieving such eloquence is said to be kissing Ireland"s Blarney rock, part of a castle close to the city of Cork. Eloquent human being are sometimes shelp to have actually kissed the Blarney stone.


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