If you"re super lazy, love to spoon, or want to attempt a new, ~super intimate~ method to sleep through your companion, hello, accomplish swaddling. It"s a sex position that"s not quite a sex position: Swaddling is the terms for when two partners agree to loss asleep in the middle of penetration. That have the right to mean penis-in-vagina, penis-in-anus, strap-on-in-vagina, et cetera, et cetera. Any penetration combo you have the right to think of, happening consensually while you sleep, is swaddling.

That"s a lot to take in (pun intended). Read on to learn all the nitty gritty details around the sorta sex place you"ve most likely never before heard about.

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What"s the point?

The goal of swaddling isn"t to have active, penetrative sex for eight hours. It"s even more around cultivating a deep, intimate link, states Sandi Kaufmale, a licensed sex therapist in New York City. She adds that world that exercise swaddling explain it as "sweetly romantic, wondertotally relaxing, and extremely erotic."

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"It induces a sense of closeness and also security between partners and also is a lovely method to sleep if both human being are comfortable via it," Kaufman says. "While sleeping, you can not gain any kind of closer to your partner."

How do you do it?

According to Kaufguy, the 2 simplest positions in which to swaddle are via one partner laying on top of the various other, or in a spoon position. Each alternative has its ups and downs: Sleeping underneath your partner might not be doable, while swaddling in a spoon place means any kind of sudden movement may reason the penis to slip out (for this reason ending the swaddle).

If you"re doing this with a companion that has actually a penis, you"ll have to commence swaddling while they"re difficult. They will not remain that method all night, but that"s to be intended. If you"re doing anal swaddling, use plenty of lube, choose you constantly execute. And bonus points if it"s silicone-based lube, which takes longer to dry out than water-based alternatives.

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Cool. Now just how do you carry out it safely?

Great question. Because you"re asleep and remaining in a penetrative state for so lengthy, swaddling presents a few various safety and security concerns from regular, awake sex.

Hetero swaddlers who desire to prevent pregnancy shouldn"t depend exclusively on prophylactics, Kaufguy says. While they"re great for avoiding pregnancy and also are among the just creates of birth control that protect versus STIs, a condom might slip off if your partner coughs, sneezes, moves unexpectedly, ejaculates (it happens!), or goes flaccid after a specific amount of time. Kaufman adds that swaddling ups the threat of the condom coming off inside of you, which deserve to bring about a entirety hold of problems, including infection and also an awkward pilgrimage to the doctor.

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One workapproximately to the condom trouble is to usage inner, female condoms—even for anal swaddling, claims Eric Marlowe Garriboy, a sex counselor in Virginia. "An inner condom works ideal, as an erection will certainly not last and the condom have the right to slip off in the vagina or anus," Garrikid claims. He adds that if you"re making use of an internal condom in the anus, you"ll simply need to remove the inner ring so it fits appropriately and also remains in.

Anything else I should know?

Both Kaufguy and also Garrikid emphasize that a penis will certainly not remajor hard while swaddling, which implies condoms have the right to slip off, fold up, or become stuck "high inside a woman"s vagina." If a condom slips off inside you, obtain it out ASAP. Leaving anypoint inside your vagina for more than a pair of hours puts you at hazard for infection, choose STIs, pelvic inflammatory illness, yeast infection, or bacterial vaginosis.

If you"re prone to yeastern infections, PID, or UTIs, Kaufguy recommends against swaddling. But if you sindicate must, follow the usual post-sex preeminence of going pee right after, and also wash your vagina and vulva off via warm water as a bonus.

Otherwise, swaddle ameans to your heart"s (and vagina"s) content.

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