This song was composed and first videotaped by Phil Johnchild (in 1978). It was made most renowned once the Imperials added it to their Heed the Call album.

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Phil Johnboy was a songwriter and also producer for many type of early on Conshort-term Christian artists… after initially attempting a solo career as an artist.

The Imperials are an Amerihave the right to Christian music team that has been active for over 50 years. Originating as a southern gospel quartet, the innovative group would come to be pioneers of contemporary Christian music in the 1960s. Tbelow have been many changes for the band in membership and musical layouts over the years. They would go on to win 4 Grammys, and be inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame.In Early 1976, the group (including to Jim Murray and also Armond Morales) hired baritone David Will, who would stay on for 23yrs via the group, and soulful belter Russ Taff as their new lead vocalist. The Taff-led outfit is heard on the albums Sail On, Imperials Live, Heed the Call, One More Song for You, Christmas With the Imperials, and also Priority. It was in the time of this era that the group discovered their best success, both via awards and also on the charts.

I first heard the Imperials at Formosa Youth Camp as a teenager. Eddie Leslie would certainly carry their music and would certainly play it throughout the boys dorm.Later, I would certainly be a part of a local trio of guys, and also this was among the songs we sang.

This song speaks to encouragement offered to a believer before via the sanctification process… and the purpose God has actually for every believer.Bible Reference… Romans 8; Ephesians 2:10; Philippians 2:13; 1Thessalonians 5:23; Hebrews 13:5.

CHORUS: He didn’t carry us this far to leave us. He didn’t teach us to swim to let us drown. He didn’t develop His house in us to relocate away. He didn’t lift us as much as let us down.

There are some promises in a letter, written a long, lengthy time ago; they’re not obtaining older, they’re obtaining much better, bereason He still wants us to know. (CHORUS) I review those assures in His letter, and also now I insurance claim them for my own; filling my heart and making life much better and I just wanted you to know. (CHORUS)

CODA: Never before use the word defeat; claim His promises, eextremely among them.

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And eincredibly spoken word He’ll hear, because we’re whatever to Him. (CHORUS)

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