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Does anyone have actually their coolers and also what are your thoughts? Huge expense diff than Yeti.


Funny you cite that as I am around to buy one simply to view. However, as soon as I saw order yesterday the ship day is June 30th. I am doing a 4 day ride in a couple of weeks, so I ended up buying a Yeti for the brief term that I deserve to likewise use in the bed of my RZR (Tundra 35), then I will certainly buy an RTIC 65 I think just for ice to keep in the toy hauler. Tright here is a guy on Youtube that did an ice test comparing the two, and the RTIC percreated a bit better, so for half the price you really can not beat that, plus you get an additional 2 years for warranty.

I have actually learned in any type of cooler if you use small or continual ice with all the banging about from our rides it all turns into cold water. I have tried the Yeti and also does the exact same. I think bigger cubes or massive squares are the method to go. I am sure there are plenty of men on this forum that have discovered the ideal method to fill their coolers. I require some lessons. Lol

They look amazing. I had a hard cooler on order, but got lhelp off, so canceled the order. Be interested to hear just how you males prefer them, as I plan to reorder as soon as I get a project aget.
Did Yeti not try to patent any type of of their designs? Or did they offer the license agreement to RTCI? I just bought a Yeti 35 for this previous weekends ride and also I love it. I also have actually two Yeti Rambler. But a buddy of mine just obtained a RTCI and clintends it holds ice longer than the Yeti. I would be curious of the weight distinction (if any) in between the two. For the money though I think it"s a win. I"m kind of a Yeti fan though. They absolutely cornered the sector for a while and proceed to have the broadest product offerings.
pkrider I learned this trick from my mommy. If you have a freezer huge sufficient pour sufficient water into the cooler to cover about two inches off the bottom and put it in the freezer overnight. A 2 inch layer spanning the whole bottom keeps the cold ones cold.
I ordered one of the smaller sized ones, ship day of 6-11. I wanted the "35" dimension however that"s not readily available yet. I believed for the $125 I"d provide it a try. Its not for the rzr though, I usage a AO, easier to fill full and also acquire much less smashed up stuff.
"Pre cooling" any cooler will certainly assist it to host ice longer. For a cooler that I will certainly be acquiring into frequently, such as a drink cooler, I view no factor to spfinish a couple hundred dollars on, as every time the lid is opened it lets the warm outside air in melting the ice. However before, the better end coolers are excellent for food and also ice storage. I"ll be buying an RTIC when I"m prepared, as they run true to dimension and have more insulation, plus a far better warranty at fifty percent the cost. There are numerous "high end" cooler manufacturers on the sector now and also they"re all nearly the exact same IMO.
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pkrider I learned this trick from my mother. If you have actually a freezer large sufficient pour sufficient water right into the cooler to cover about two inches off the bottom and also put it in the freezer overnight. A 2 inch layer extending the whole bottom keeps the cold ones cold.
We rarely buy ice. Freeze water bottles. When you desire water take the frozen bottles and put them in the cup holder, practically prompt ice cold water.Another trick we learned from moving fish from the East coastline to Arizona. Buy some 1" thick foam and build a box inside your inexpensive cooler, bottom, optimal, and sides it does a great task insulating and will certainly store points frozen for numerous days.
I ordered a RTIC 45 the other night and also it"s on backorder till June 15. I perform believe they are a bit much better then the yeti brand also.

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I ordered a softpak 30 on April 21 and it arrived here on July 5. I wanted something that would be great for a day ride or lengthy road pilgrimage. My various other coolers are too substantial to fit in the floorboard of my truck. I had actually an AO cooler and also it sucked. I just used it once I was going on a couple of hour ride and also with mainly ice and also a 6 load of beer and 4-6 waters, the ice be melted in a couple of hours.They insurance claim 30 cans + Ice as the capacity, however that would certainly most likely only be a couple of pounds of ice. I think 20 cans and also 10lbs of ice could be pushing it. I supplied a 12 pack and 12lbs for my "test". I very doubt you would certainly ever gain 5 days of ice retention out of this point for genuine civilization useAnyway, initially test was in the home. I prechilled it via a pair of the huge refreezable ice packs for around an hour, then put in 12 cold beers and 10lbs of ice. I then (for testing purposes) began drinking the beer. 8 beers dvery own the first night, the various other 4 the second night. Ice was entirely melted after 47 hours.Second test was the exact same sequence, only outside. After 28 hours tbelow was just a couple ice cubes left. This is in Vegas with 110*+ warm during the day and also 100* for a good percent of the night. I had it in a location that was shaded many of the day.