The late rapper Mac Miller’s final and also initially posthumous album ‘Circles’ execute provide some insights right into his psychological faculties towards the latter days of his life. In “Hand Me Downs,” we hear Mac Miller singing about his worries and also his coping mechanisms, along with singer Baro Sura. Let us explore the lyrics and song interpretation.“Hand Me Downs” is the eighth track on Mac Miller’s sixth and last album and his initially posthumous album ‘Circles.’ Other songs on the album, such as the title track “Circles,” “Complicated” and “That’s On Me” are reflections on Mac Miller’s life towards the finish of the line. Hence, this album will certainly go down in history as the last introspect right into the rapper’s head.

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In the song, we hear Mac Miller thanking a ‘baby’ for helping him cope via his worries. But the more we dig right into his life, the even more we realize that this was not a reference to a person, yet fairly for drugs. The lyrics execute hint us that the rapper himself felt that he was showing up at a contime in his life.

Listen to “Hand Me Downs” by Mac Miller

Verse 1In the first verse of the song, we hear Mac Miller thanking a particular ‘baby’ for being tbelow for him throughout thick and also thin. Our immediate guess would certainly be that this a sweet sentiment to his former longterm girlfrifinish Ariana Grande. But Mac Miller states that he swears that he is here with her, yet he knows he is elsewhere. This confession provides us think that Mac Miller’s ‘baby’ can be drugs, and also his ‘there’ location is Ariana Grande.The latter component of the verse reveals that Mac Miller knew he was derailing by this time. He says it is gaining harder to “hunt” him dvery own. He is always in “another” area in his head. This is a clear indication that he was drug inhibited many of the moment in the latter part of his life.He kbrand-new all this simply can “break” him down.
Pre-chorusThese lyrics about Mac Miller needing somebody to store his watercraft afloat are really saddening to hear after his untimely death. In this stanza, the singer reveals that lately he has actually been feeling strange and also he has not got what he was looking for. He was looking for love, affection and companionship. But he faibrought about obtain that.The rapper confesses that he has actually had actually worries via himself and drugs in the past. But someone or something constantly anchored him without letting him float away. But lately, this anchor has been giving up. In rerevolve, he also is.“Get away” was his advice to himself when it pertained to living dangerously with drugs. But he fairesulted in swpermit his own pill, and also the screws of his life offered ameans.ChorusThe chorus of the song is performed by Baro Sura. In these lyrics, the singer narrates a confession to his loved one. He states that she is such an excellent architecture, both internally and externally. Hence, he does not mind passing dvery own their genes to an offspring of theirs.‘Hand me downs’ refer to something that has actually been handed dvery own to you by somebody. In the conmessage of the song, it refers to creating a baby of their very own and also hand down their great looks, talents and also traits to the baby through genes.Verse 2In the second verse of the song, we acquire even more insights right into the “darkness” that consumed Mac Miller’s head. He tries to imagine his life as “ain’t doing negative.” But that’s a dual negative, which likewise gives ameans some ideas right into his assumed catalogue. He claims this bereason he is trying his ideal not to dwell on the problems that he faces.The worst part is as soon as he says “the wheels that’s in the back of my mind / Just store on turning ’til the tires level and also burn till the fire crack.” This does let us know that he had actually no peace and also quiet in the earlier of his head. He was burning inside.He also does not deny that when he is stuck between a rock and a tough place, his psychological faculties revolve into “make-believe” and “complete of darkness.” We are not certain if this is also a coping mechanism. This sounds more favor providing in than fighting it.Mac Miller has actually not had the easiest of lives so far, and also he believes it will not adjust for the much better either. He wishes to save on fighting the fight that he has actually been waging for all his life. But at this suggest of life, it was not meant to be.Let us hear what you think about “Hand Me Downs” by Mac Miller and also what you think these lyrics mean in the comments below.

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