Jeff Goldblum has been starring in movies going ago as far as the 1970s. Therefore a hardworking and famous actor, he’s obviously showed up in dozens of films.

But fans were puzzled to check out him pop up throughout the closing credits of one relocate that he hadn’t also had actually a little function in. Exactly why was Goldblum there? Fans have a few theories to explain why. 

He’s showed up in many kind of movies — simply not that one


Jeff Goldblum | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Goldblum is an unexplained star who has actually managed to continue to be appropriate for years. According to Biography, he started acting in the theater prior to moving to films in the ’70s. He had actually a few small components in movies such asAnnie HallandInvasion of the Body Snatchers, however it was in the following decade that he really hit his stride. He landed bigger components inThe Big Chill, The Fly,andEarth Girls Are Easy.

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The next decade didn’t see a slowdown for Goldblum, as he appeared in two of the greatest franchises of the time,Independence Day andJurassic Park and its sequel,Lost World.He would reprise both roles years later on in 2016’sIndependence Day: Resurgenceand 2018’sJurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

In 2017, Goldblum showed up as The Grandmaster in the MCU film Thor: Ragnarok. However, you may notice that among all the movies he’s appeared in, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 isn’t listed.

That’s because he wasn’t in that specific one, so as soon as fans observed him pop up during the closing credits they were confused. 

Fans wondered why he was there

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 was released before the movie that presented Goldblum to the MCU, Thor: Ragnarok. Although his character is a component of the MCU, he never shows up in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, so the closing credits brought a surpclimb.

As the names scrolled past, a few dancing heads float by on the screen. And one of those heads belonged to Goldblum. He was dressed as The Grandunderstand, his character from the Thor movie, however that doesn’t really explain why he was tright here. 

Fans recently took to Reddit to talk about the mystery.

“He was supposed to have actually a cameo in the movie initially, but it either wasn’t filmed or obtained reduced,” one viewer said. “They left the credit point in as an Easter egg.”

One perkid felt that it had actually more to carry out through the star himself, saying, “He’s Jeff Goldblum, he can go wherever before he desires.”

“While I discovered the various other answers explaining how Gunn decided to use him informative, I truly believe this is the just genuine answer and also likewise canon,” an additional fan agreed.

Many type of commenters argued that the strange cameo was included for the laughs. “Just preeminence of funny,” one described. It appears that this might actually be the reason.

Why was Jeff Goldblum checked out in the time of the credits?

Cinema Blend reports that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige was asked that extremely question. Apparently, the reason behind it is pretty straightforward.

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“We had actually footage of simply Goldblum dancing and assumed it would certainly be fun to put it in there. And as you recognize from the comics, he’s The Collector’s brother,” Feige described. “It’s simply a fun point.”

Although Goldblum wasn’t actually in the movie, the brother of his character was, and apparently, that was enough to earn him a spot in the cshedding credits. Fans of both Goldblum and also the MCU aren’t complaining, though. It may be a little quirky, yet so is Goldblum, and also that’s just a part of his significant charm.