Callie and her dad communicate in some banter - and a tiny little of violence - in this excellent scene from "Sweet Surrender."


Anvarious other fun pevaluation of "Sweet Surrender," from Seakid 5 of Grey"s Anatomy. Lexie finds herself in the middle of an awkward sitch in the OR.

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A sneak preview of "Sweet Surrender," from the fifth seaboy of Grey"s Anatomy. Izzie is in difficult core wedding planning mode.

Grey's Anatomy Seachild 5 Episode 20 Quotes

Meredith: Does it bvarious other you that I don"t wanna wear it? Because I... I might.Derek: I don"t want you to wear it. You"re not a ring bride.(Mer looks at him)Derek: What?Meredith: I"m not really a church wedding bride, or a poofy white dress bride either.Derek: We"ll obtain naked, and gain married in a field with flowers.(MerDer giggle together)Meredith: I"m not a naked bride!Derek: What around scrubs? We can acquire married in scrubs.Meredith: Oooh, currently there"s a wedding I might get right into.Derek: We gotta go.Meredith: Oh... So I told Izzie she could aid out with the wedding. It helps store her mind off of everything, and I"ll tell her about the scrubs and the no church. I guess we have actually a layout. Simplicity.

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Defeat isn"t an alternative. Not for surgeons. We do not earlier amethod from the table till the last breaths long gone. Terminal"s an obstacle. Life threatening"s what gets us out of bed in the morning. We"re not conveniently intimidated. We don"t flinch, we do not back dvery own, and also we certainly do not surrender. Not at work anymeans.

Meredith Added: April 24, 2009
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