Today is National Grammar Day. In honour of National Grammar Day, and bereason grammar is my greatest joy in life, I will offer a brief and infinish list of my favourite grammar- and also spelling-related pet peeves, complied with by a a lot shorter list of grammatical mistakes that I’m actually okay with.

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Internal pluralisation. Wrong: passer-by’s, court martials, iPod Touches. Right: passers-by, courts martial, iPods Touch.Reflexive vs. objective pronouns. Wrong: “You deserve to talk to Peter or myself in the time of the break for clarification.” Right: “You have the right to talk to Peter or me throughout the break for clarification.”Subject-object disagreement. Wrong: “She say that there’s a trouble.” Right: “She claims that there’s a problem.” (Usually this one is simply a result of failing to inspect what you composed after the fact. It’s still really bothersome to me.)Apostrophes for pluralisation. Wrong: “I bought two carton’s of milk.” Right: “I bought 2 cartons of milk.”Using the previous rather of the subjunctive. Wrong: “If I was the president …” Right: “If I were the president …”Using the wrong homonym. Your/you’re, two/to/too, there/they’re/their, whether/weather, past/passed, hear/right here. It’s not that tough.Modals. Wrong: have to of, would certainly of, could of. Right: must have actually, would have, can have.

The complying with are 2 grammatical mistakes that I’m actually okay with. They are technically wrong, yet I don’t acquire upcollection around them. Probably bereason they’re both constraints that were inserted on the English language because neither have the right to be interpreted earlier into Latin.

Ending a sentence through a preplace. This is somepoint up via which I have the right to put.Split infinitives.

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If you want to boldly go there, that’s fine with me.

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