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You can hear this line at 00:41:33 in the DVD version of the movie.

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- I"m simply playing.

- I view you got jokes.

- A couple.

- So that"s your bit midgain boyfriend? Little micro-mini pimp up in there?

- Oh! What"s cracking, baby?

- My name is Day-Day, right?

- This is my big-head-ass cousin. You recognize, beevo-latte, acquired more head than he got body.

- Check this out

- I just spotted you way across from the lot, and I"m gonna let you understand, it ain"t your booty, it"s your beauty.

- If you watch anypoint suspicious about below, let me understand, "reason I obtained my eyes on whatever.

- Let"s start off by giving your number "cause that"s the only means we"re gonna have the ability to connect.

- No, you gained to gain your ass back to that booth.


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Friday After Next (2002) Sound Clip


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Actors: Ice Cube (Craig Jones), Mike Epps (Daymond "Day Day" Jones), John Witherspoon (Willie Jones), Don "D.C." Curry (Elroy Jones), Katt Williams (Money Mike), Clifton Powell (Pinky)

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