Lyrics:Way up in the skies (jump high) The little birds fly (flap arms) While dvery own in the colony (develop swarm through arms) The little birds remainder (hands alongside head prefer napping) Shhh! They"re resting. (stage whisper shh! say quietly they"re sleeping) With a wing on the left (fold left arm under)And a wing on the appropriate (fold ideal arm under)The little bit birds sleep (hands alongside head like napping) All via the night.Shhh! They"re sleeping. (stage whisper shh! say quietly they"re sleeping) The BRIGHT SUN COMES UP! (Yell it out and jump high through arms above head) The dew goes amethod (hands choose banging on a keyboard) Good morning, good morning, the little birds say (raise arms up and down) Way up in the skyThe huge birdies dieWhile dvery own in the nestSo execute the rest.Shhh! THEY"RE DYING! The bbest sun comes up.The blood dries amethod.Good morning, good morning the happy hunters say. Click one to vote: Did you prefer it?
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My mother has a darker version!Up in the skies, the little bit birds fly,While down on the ground, the dead things are uncovered.With a wing in the swarm, And a wing over there,Look, there"s the head, over tright here, is the rest.The bbest sun comes out, The flesh rots away,"Good morning, It"s breakfast!" Ten thousand also flies say.

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The Girl Scout version of the last verse is:"Way up in the sky,The bigger birds fly,While down in the nestThe bit birds remainder."Shhh, they"re resting""Not so sinister.
Next off verse:I open up my eyes, and obtain out of bed; I open up the home window and smash that birds head. Akela"s World 1998 & 1999 Camp Counselor. ~Samocollection
To wake the scouts up, we sing it not so quietly as follows:Way up in the skyThe massive bird is flyingWhile down in the nest, the baby birds rest(shouting the rest)The significant sunlight comes upThe dew melts awayGOOD MORNING, GOOD MORNING, the baby birds sayWe also tfinish to sing it a little bit off essential just to be annoying enough that the stubborn scouts obtain up as well.

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I heard it means differently.Way up in the sky, the little bit birds fly, while down in the next, the little birds rest, through a wing on the left, and a wing on the ideal, the bit birds sleep, all through the night. "Ssssshhhhh! The dumb birds are sleeping!" The farmer comes out, via shotgun in hand also, boom boom, boom boom, no birds on my land also. There"s one birdie left, through one damaged wing, stomp stomp, stomp stomp,now no birdie is singing.
"Then up comes the sun, the dew goes away, excellent morning, excellent morning the bit birds say. Then up comes the guns, the birds fly away. The ones that do not, gain their heads blvery own amethod." Steiner variation.
Way UP in the sky!The significant buzzards flyWhile dvery own in the colony,The little buzzards restSHUT UP! THEY’RE SLEEPING!The black sun comes up!The dew stays all dayBad morning!Bad morning!The little bit buzzards say!
In our boyscout troop we say "...with a wing on the best, a wing on the left, and a wing in the middle, these birdies aren"t appropriate... mutation! mutation! the bit birdies cry."
CSR version:Way up in the sky (jump high) The bit birds fly (flap arms) While dvery own in the swarm (create nest via arms) The little bit birds rest (hands alongside head choose napping) out comes the farmer shot gun in handbang bang, bang bang is heard through the landdown drops the bird with one damaged wing stomp stomp currently no birdies singGOOOOD MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Way up in the sky the little birds fly,Way dvery own in the nest the bit birds restWith a wing on the left, a wing on the ideal The little birds sleep, all via the night ShhhhhhhhYOU MIGHT WAKE UP THE BIRDIESThe bappropriate sunlight comes upThe "Dew Falls A-Way"Good morning good morning the bit birds say The farmer comes out through swarm gun in hand also Bang* bang* bang* bang* No birds on my land also There"s one birdie left through one damaged wingStomp* Stomp* Stomp* Stomp*Now no birdies singThe ambulance comes via stretcher in hand Cut* Cut* Snip* Snip*All much better again:)))
we normally finished it via various versions, yet my favorite was always:"BANG BANG! BANG BANG! NO birds on MY land!"