Recently when a friend remained in tvery own, we went to the Gone With The Wind Museumin Marietta, Georgia. The museum opened in June 2002 inside a former cotton wareresidence and also carriage stable that days back to 1875.Many of the collectibles found inside the museum belengthy to Dr. Christopher Sullivan, a medical professional from Akron, Ohio.

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Dr. Sullivan review the book, Gone With The Wind, and witnessed the movie as a child. He took pleasure in it so much, he began collecting memorabilia from the movie. His extensive repertoire has been shown in various places over the years but it currently has a long-term home in Marietta where fans of the book/movie visit from almost everywhere the civilization.

The movie, Gone With The Wind, starring Clark Gable as Rhett Butler and also Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O’Hara, is an “Amerihave the right to epic historical romance film” per Wikipedia. The movie premiered in Atlanta at Loew’s Grand also in 1939, having actually been adapted from Margaret Mitchell’s 1936 novel of the same name.


Photo from Wikipedia and in Public Domain

I recognize this is going to sound a tiny weird since I was born and increased right her in Georgia, however I was never really a fan of the movie. I had actually heard about it my entirety life yet didn’t check out it till I was grvery own when it came out in the theaters aget.I dispreferred the character of Scarlett so a lot, it type of ruined the movie for me.

I did very much reap the museum tour, though. It was good getting to see all the memorabilia and beautiful dresses from the movie and I would recommfinish this tour to anyone who is also slightly curious.

There could not be a far better location for viewing this remarkable repertoire than in thisbuilding.The minute you walk via the door, you know this isn’t going to be your typical “museum” tour. During the tour, you’re surrounded by exposed brick, 1875 original timber flooring and wonderful, old rough-hew beams overhead. It really feels favor another world, favor you’ve been transported ago in a Gone With The Wind time machine. Therepertoire certainly provides a bigger influence here than it would certainly inside some sterile, 21st century structure.

As we walked via the double doors to enter the building, we observed this on the door leading into the museum.


This now well known picture was featured ago in the day on the posters declaring the movie.It’s such an iconic scene and also poster that it’s regularly referred to regarding as the “flaming embrace” poster. I haven’t checked out the movie in ages so I can’t remember precisely what scene it’s from, but it depicts Atlanta burning in the background as Rhett carries Scarlett away to security. It’s romantic, scary and also sad–all at the exact same time.

Update: It shows up this might not be an actual scene from the movie, but a compilation of Rhett and also Scarlet superapplied in front of Atlanta in flames, as an advertisement for the movie.


Additional inside the museum were t-shirts that were obtainable to purchase. Tbelow were many type of additional items for sale in the small gift shop location towards the finish of the tour.


In addition to some of the true collectibles and artifacts from the movie, tright here were numerous remanufacturing dresses. My favorite part of the tour were the dresses and also costumes from the movie. This dress is a remanufacturing of the dress Scarlett was wearing in the first scene where the boys are all fawning over her and begging her to add them to her dance card for an upcoming party.

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I’ve review stories about world traveling to Atlanta looking for the real Tara only to find it doesn’t actually exist. The set for Tara was thought to have been developed based upon someof thedwellings right here in Georgia. I have the right to totally watch that bereason there are many homes in Georgia, especially in some of the smaller communities you pass via when taking the backroadways, that look exceptionally much prefer Tara. The Greek Revival style was exceptionally famous in Georgia from the 1840s to the 1860s. Per THIS article, it became the initially architectural style to appear state-wide throughout Georgia.


I didn’t remember Tara having actually attachments or dependents on either side as we view right here in the model. It’s been eras since I experienced the movie. Do you remember those?


I think my favorite dress in the movie was this one presented right here in reproduction. Scarlett wore it in the infamous scene wbelow she’s acquiring dressed for a barbecue. If you search for “Gone With The Wind” on YouTube, you’ll uncover numerous scenes featured there, including the one wright here Scarlett puts on this dress. It’s the scene wbelow we learn that womales are never before expected to present their bosom prior to 3 pm.