Gone to Texas: A History of the Lone Star State engagingly tells the story of the Lone Star State, from the arrival of humans in the Panmanage even more than 10,000 years ago to the opening of the twenty-initially century. Focusing on the state"s successive waves of immigrants, the book offers an inclusive see of the substantial variety of Texans who, frequently in dispute through each various other and also always in a battle through the land, produced a history and also an idea of Texas. An Instructor"s Reresource Manual and also a set of about 400 PowerPoint slides to acagency Gone to Texas, Third Edition, are currently obtainable to adopters. Please contact your neighborhood Oxford University Press representative for details.

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Randolph B. "Mike" Campbell is Regents Professor of History at the University of North Texas. He is the author of numerous books, including Sam Houston and the American Southwest, Third Edition (2006).

Editorial Reviews

"What we ultimately have actually in Gone to Texas, then, is a history for a diverse, mature, and self-confident world willing to take a well balanced look at their own past. It"s a quantum leap forward from T.R. Fehrenbach"s timeless Lone Star, initially publimelted in 1968 . . . "—Texas Books in Review

"A sweeping background of the outsized state and its bellweather national politics.... A well created survey."—Kirkus Reviews

"The ideal, many in-depth account of the Lone Star saga I recognize of, the place to begin if you favor Texas background to Texas mythology."—Fritz Lanham, Houston Chronicle

"The brand-new conventional history of America"s many unexplained state. It is a well balanced account, beauticompletely created, with verve and wit."—William H. Goetzmann, Jack S. Blanton, Sr. Chair of History and also Amerideserve to Studies, University of Texas at Austin

"One of the exceptionally finest crafted, thoapproximately researched, and also mastertotally presented backgrounds in one volume ever created around this state. It develops requirements of scholarship and literary merit that will endure for years to come.... Nopoint brief of an historical tour de pressure."—Light T. Cummins, Guy M. Bryan, Jr. Professor of History, Austin College

"Authoritative, gracecompletely written, and also totally conversant via the newest scholarship, this book will certainly henceforth be the standard background of Texas for both academic and general readers—a far-reaching historical and also cultural accomplishment."—John B. Boles, William P. Hobby Professor of History, Rice University

"Eminent scholar Randolph Campbell presents a full length portrait, unsparing of blemishes and scars, that stands alone in its thoroughgoing portrayal of the Lone Star State"s luminous past. Campbell"s vivid pageant of the winners, sinners, heroes and also highbinders that roamed the legendary landscape of that "other country"—Texas—is a dandy, finest of breed. Gone to Texas will increate and also exmention Texans, while inviting others to go to Texas in the peras of this book."—Kent Biffle, Texana columnist, The Dallas Morning News

"Anyone who believes that the background of Texas is composed just in tub-thumping braggadocio will quickly be set right by this superb background of the Lone Star state. A leading historian of Texas, Campbell writes via authority and also clarity about one of the nation"s the majority of distinctive components. His thoaround modern method sets early on Texas background firmly within the checkered advancement of Mexico and also keeps African-Americans, both slave and complimentary, as well as native tribes at the center of his story. His coverage of such matters as the Texas Rdevelopment, the state"s 10 years as an independent republic and also the cattle business are models of their kind, and also sucount no one has actually written so well while so briefly about just how Texas became Southern.... What is finest about the book and also will make it attractive past Texas boundaries is Campbell"s healthy and balanced skepticism around clintends that Texas is unique among the claims."—Publishers Weekly