Remember once the believed of going under a hooded dryer (particularly at a salon) made you want to do a million wall slides (c/o Awesomely Luvvie)? I feel choose hairstylists would include minutes to that point for “special” clients…lol. But for those of us that wear protective formats (namely weaves via braids underneath) or have hair routines that involve deep conditioning, sometimes the hooded dryer is a essential evil.

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I created about a soft bonnet hooded dryer-different attachment that I LOVE bereason not just does it attach to simply about any blow dryer, it’s also super portable making it perfect for take a trip. But currently one more cool hooded dryer alternative has actually made its way to me through Gold ‘N Hot Professional Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer.

Official info:

With 4 heat settings, the Gold ‘N Hot soft bonnet dryer deserve to be provided on any kind of hair texture and set any style. The jumbo-size drawstring bonnet renders it simple to ssuggest dry hair, seal in conditioning treatments or collection all roller sizes. This dryer distributes heat gently and evenly for skilled results. It’s retractable handle and also storage compartments make it not just basic to keep at home yet likewise take a trip with. Ionic generator emits tens of countless negative irons to dry hair faster through less damages, resulting in healthy, silky-soft, beautiful hair through less damage.

Although totally free flowing, textured curls are finally obtaining their moment to shine, some woguys might want to still have the capacity to straighten, curl, or wave their hair as preferred. Due to the fact that Gold ’N Hot is dedicated to multicultural hair, the warmth styling appliances are capable of retexturing natural hair in any type of state – without hair relaxers! The devices heat as much as 500°F, which make it possible to curl ANY hair texture in its NATURAL state, once paired through a curling cream. Gold ’N Hot strives to create assets that not just reach high temperatures, however has temperature regulate settings so that irons can be readjusted to various hair forms.

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So basically this follows a comparable concept as the soft hooded dryer attachment I love however it has actually its own “dryer” component. It has actually Cool, Low, Medium, and also High heat settings and also functions well for simply around any hairstyle. I prefer it in specific for making certain the braids underneath my weave are entirely dry and also it’s pretty sleek so it doesn’t take up a bunch of room. And while you’ll more than likely need to rotate the volume approximately hear the TV, it doesn’t make a severe amount of noise (however your cat will certainly most likely definitely try to fight it).

Bottom line: While I’ll of course still use my bonnet attachment for travel, this Gold ‘N Hot soft bonnet dryer is excellent for at-house usage.