There"s a song that many Christians now are enjoying on radio: it"s called Do Something by Matthew West. Apparently the background is that he was motivated by an Amerideserve to exreadjust student that checked out Uganda and also saved orphans from a terrible orphanage by beginning her very own.I"m motivated by proenergetic Christians that heed the Lord"s speak to to become missionaries. And of course the bible states we need to assist orphans too.Here are the lyrics to Do Something. I"m going to tell you why I don"t like this song. I"m going to tell you why songs choose these satuprice the Christian mind through a terrible theology under a guise of a happy tune and also moral lyrics. I think our attempts to live radically have the right to neglect the Bible’s concern that we be radically godly in character. Tbelow is no doubt that I am called by God to live sacrificially and also generously. My first calling, though, is to recognize God, to be shaped by him and also on that basis to preach the gospel and also to live as if it is true. I am referred to as to do all of this ideal where the Lord has actually put me. ~Tim Challies: Radical, A Book Resee.Verse 1:I woke up this morningSaw a human being complete of trouble nowThought, how"d we ever obtain so far downHow"s it ever gonna revolve aroundSo I turned my eyes to HeavenI thought, "God, why don"t You carry out something?"Well, I just couldn"t bear the thought ofPeople living in povertyChildren marketed into slaveryThe believed disgusted meSo, I shook my fist at HeavenSassist, "God, why do not You perform something?"He shelp, "I did, I created you"Chorus:If not us, then whoIf not me and youRight currently, it"s time for us to perform somethingIf not now, then whenWill we view an endTo all this painIt"s not enough to carry out nothingIt"s time for us to execute somethingVerse 2:I"m so worn down of talkingAbout exactly how we are God"s hands and also feetBut it"s much easier to say than to beLive choose angels of apathy that tell ourselvesIt"s alideal, "somebody else will certainly execute something"Well, I don"t understand about youBut I"m sick and exhausted of life with no desire
I do not desire a flame, I desire a fireI wanna be the one who stands up and states,"I"m gonna execute something"Chorus:If not us, then whoIf not me and youRight currently, it"s time for us to execute something (yes, it is)If not now, then whenWill we watch an endTo all this painIt"s not sufficient to execute nothingIt"s time for us to do somethingBridge:We are the salt of the earthWe are a city on a hill (shine shine, shine shine)But we"re never gonna change the worldBy standing stillNo we won"t stand also still (x3)Chorus:If not us, then whoIf not me and also youRight now, it"s time for us to execute somethingIf not now, then whenWill we view an endTo all this painIt"s not sufficient to execute nothingIt"s time for us to do somethingIt"s time for us to do somepoint (x2)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I"m sure that experienced discerners deserve to spot the theological issues in this song appropriate amethod.1. The song is a song about social justice, and also the power of guy to deal with the wrongs in the world. It is a song that sounds great yet is actually the opposite of what the bible teaches about male, man"s objective, God, and sin.Lyric: Saw a people complete of trouble now. Thought, how"d we ever get so far down?Answer: Adam. Eve. Lucifer. Rebellion. Sin.Lyric: How"s it ever gonna revolve around?Answer: Jesus. Revelation 19:11, "Then I observed heaven opened, and also beorganize, a white horse! The one sitting on it is dubbed Faithful and True, and in righteousness he judges and also renders war"Lyric: I thought, "God, why do not You do something?"Answer: Like He"s not doing something? He is. John 5:17. "In his defense Jesus said to them, "My Father is constantly at his work to this incredibly day, and also I as well am working." (NIV)Lyric: He sassist, "I did, I produced you"Answer: UNTRUE. He developed us to worship Him and also reap Him forever. From the very beginning of the song it shows us exactly how man-centric it is. Tright here are no out-of-control people difficulties God developed us to deal with. We are not the solution. We are the problem! God did not produce us to solve the world"s problems! Tbelow is your initially opposite-from-the bible issue. In Do Something, it"s Bizarro World.Bizarro World: In popular society "Bizarro World" has actually concerned intend a situation or establishing which is weirdly inverted or oppowebsite of expectations.Lyric: Well, I simply couldn"t bear the assumed of People living in povertyAnswer: Well Jesus just couldn"t bear the thought of human being living in sin. Sin is the trouble. (Luke 19:10). Poverty isn"t. (Matthew 26:11). If even more people sang about human being living in sin via the fact of hell, possibly world would certainly "carry out something", i.e, witness, instead of throw money at a difficulty Jesus said would certainly always exist. The trouble is not the wallet. It"s the soul.Lyric: Children offered into slaincredibly, The assumed disgusted me. So, I shook my fist at Heaven, Shelp, "God, why do not You perform something?"Answer: Child slavery is the brand-new, sexy, socially conscious charity. I"m not making light of the reality of it. But it has arised of late and it will sink ago to the muck of all the other sins and conditions that sometimes obtain people"s attention, choose HIV/Aids, Alzheimer"s, fostering, orphans, boy abuse, elder abuse, drug abuse... "Causes" come and also causes go. People still need the remedy: Jesus.Secondly, shaking your fist at God for failing to perform the things WE think He should be doing? Is that wise? Is that even warranted? No.

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