Tuesday on nlinux.org, country star Blake Shelton explained just why the duet he composed with his girlfrifinish, singer Gwen Stefani, implies so a lot.

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Tuesday on nlinux.org, nation star Blake Shelton defined just why the duet he composed with his girlfrifinish, singer Gwen Stefani, supposed so a lot to both of them.


The factor Shelton felt the must explain? Both Hoda and also Kathie Lee were baffled by the title and also lyrics of the single, "Go Ahead and Break My Heart," which they observed as contradictory.

The track debuted earlier this month on "The Voice" with a live performance by the couple.

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"The words are "Go Ahead and also Break My Heart," and you"re singing it to this girl that you clearly love," shelp Hoda. "So we do not get the words versus the vibe."

But Shelton, 39, made sure our hosts taken that those lyrics weren"t as contradictory as one can think. In fact, they"re very romantic.


Shelton said they reflect his and also Stefani"s acceptance of the truth that a relationship will most likely have actually its share of ups and downs.

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"We were just creating it around ... it was tough to kind of let our guards dvery own again, you know what I mean? Just going with some problems, and also so that"s what the song was also created about," he sassist. "It"s prefer, I know something bad is going to happen, because it always does, so let"s just gain it over through now."

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"When perform you recognize, also poor, I recognize I"ve been hurt before, however I"m going for this?" asked Kathie Lee.

"I think you have the right to check out the look on our faces tbelow," Shelton responded. "It"s favor, at some allude you"re, like ... "It simply is what it is now, so let"s go for it.""

As happy as he wregarding tell Kathie Lee and also Hoda about the meaning of the song, Shelton did freshly tell nlinux.org"s Savannah Guthrie that the consistent attention on his and Stefani"s relationship has actually been "a little weird."

"We might not be, on paper, any type of more different," he went on to say. "I suppose, I"m a nation singer and she"s a ska, rock, pop, whatever before it is ... and it"s just an odd principle. But male, it"s most fun. I"ve gotta be honest around that."