During the confirmation hearings of Brett Kavanaugh, one exhausted old idiom resurchallenged to extraordinary attention.

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Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) said it when he addressed Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

The Atlantic featured it prominently in a recent story.

In an interwatch, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, speaking into her lap, rereferred to as exactly how she, and “eincredibly womale of vintage,” discovered themselves tyrannized by it. The Guardian, PBS, CNN, Quartz, Thesaurus.com, Merriam Webster, UrbanThesaurus.com, Huffington Article, The Weekly Standard, Christian Science Monitor, Psychology Today: all have actually think pieces or meanings to contribute. The idiom, of course, is “Boys will certainly be boys.” And all its attendant social noise forced me to think: What about its herbal, mostly unprovided counterpart: “Girls will be girls?”Unprefer “Boys will be boys,” which crowds my mind via habits ranging from rowdiness to rape, “Girls will certainly be girls,” virtually empties it. When I try to make it intend something, a blank unfolds in my brain—a kind of expanded end-of-gong silence. When I Google "Girls will certainly be girls," the first and a lot of prominent hit is a 2003 drag comedy—a campy romp that greatly mines humor from a time-honored sight gag: males dressed as womales. Of ten results on Google’s initially web page, this minor movie occupies eight. The other two: an online apparel boutique featuring items choose ‘Sabrina python mini dress’ and ‘Nicole leopard palazzo jumpsuit,’ and also a forgettable pop song by a young artist named Sophie Beem (in the YouTube picture, Ms. Beem stands limply—dead-eyed, gape-mouthed—in a midriff-baring school uniform.)

Remarkably, not one result remotely addresses female habits (whatever that means).

Come-hither schoolgirls, sexy jungle jumpsuits, guys in drag: this is still the realm of "Boys will certainly be boys," in company to the male gaze, and, well, the male gays.So, I narrowhead my search, include "idiom" to the phrase, and enter a refreshingly nerdy edge of the internet, lived in largely by grammar forums, wright here I discover this gem, on stackexadjust.com, added by an anonymous user:

It appears "Boys will be boys" is a well establiburned idiom and also, according to Cambridge Idioms Thesaurus, second ed… it is, "something that you say which indicates it is not surpincreasing as soon as boys or men behave in a noisy, rude, or unpleasant method.”So I began to wonder if "Girls will be girls" is a phrase that begins to take on an idiomatic interpretation in English. Is it so?

To which a user responds:

Excellent question but, no, GWBG is only a derivative, jocularly replacing girls for boys, because culturally girls do not act favor boys at all. …GWBG does not stand also alone in definition by itself — its meaning relies on its connection through BWBB.

As an expression, “Girls will be girls,” a little favor Pop-Star Sophie, doesn’t stand so well on its own. “Girls will be girls” is the linguistic identical of our many powerful gender-connected narratives—from Eve to Echo to Galatea—that reinpressure our most damaging patriarchal myth: that guys exist individually of woguys, yet womales call for men to exist.

Suddenly, I construed why “Girls will be girls” —as a phrase—made my mind empty. That blankness did not, as I assumed, represent a lack of definition. The silence, the blankness—was the meaning.

"Girls will be girls" implies reducing oneself to a blank upon which "Boys" have the right to even more quickly task their desires. “Girls will certainly be girls” means calcifying into the silent wife-face that watches her husband also from the earlier of a courtroom, stands beside him as he confesses his affairs, or witnesses him take oath for office. “Girls will certainly be girls” indicates voiding yourself, transdeveloping yourself right into an empty space for "Boys" to attack, occupy, and ruin.

To those, consisting of our shameful President, that doubt, even mock, Dr. Ford’s testimony—to those that think if she’d truly fled the home in significant distress and anxiety, someone would have noticed; to those who find it suspect she retained quiet for 36 years, and if she’d truly been struck, she’d have reported it: that’s not exactly how this works. Brett Kavanaugh was a "Boy" that night—loud, brutal, self-obsessed—and also, consequently, Christine Blasey Ford was a "Girl"—mute, empty, invisible.

This is what women are doing when they bravely speak their truth—as soon as they loudly protest the condition quo, clamor for justice in public squares, and edge Senators in elevators: they are refusing to be "Girls." They are annulling their finish of a corrupt barget, in which they are expected to take responsibility for the actions of others, and also clap their own hands over their very own mouths. Since the welcomed patriarchal narrative—about boys existing separately of girls—is wrong. The opposite is true. Without girls who are "Girls"—without that roaring collective silence— boys that are "Boys" will certainly cease to exist.

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This post initially showed up on Upworthy. It has actually been updated with minor edits to reflect Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.