As the cuteness proceeds when it pertains to Ava and also Auggie, Riley’s group of friends begin to have actually second thoughts around their rift. Especially as they realize they are no longer monarchs and also there is so a lot to learn. Something which is much easier to do together than acomponent.

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Main Plot (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Auggie, Stay (Ava & Auggie)

Similar to part 1, the friendship in between Ava and Auggie is simply so cute. He is trying his best to present himself as somepoint secure in her life, and you can tell she appreciates it. To the allude as much as world may argue over their shipping of Riley and Lucas, Lucas and also Riley, and also and so on, honestly it’s the puppy love of Ava and Auggie and Smackle and also Farkle wbelow you have the right to check out the beauty of a strong link, no matter what the age.

Topic 2: REMEMBER THE ALAMO! (Farkle, Smackle, Zay, and also Lucas)

Splitting off from Riley had actually to be done right? She is stuck in the hole bereason she was afrassist. What is there to be afrassist of? We were queens in middle institution and we shall proceed our reign in high institution. From what it seems, that is the attitude as Zay and Lucas walk right into the locker room as Smackle and also Farkle meet through Abigail Adams’ smart kids. Then, quickly after they present themselves, they obtain masspiritual. Farkle and Smackle are left feeling stupid as one boy shows off his clone and robot, and also Zay and Lucas simply obtain beat up for their arrogance.

This leaves them all wondering why did they leave Riley and also Maya? They left them alone, damaged Riley’s faith in them and also their friendship, and yet the guilt and embarrassment is as well a lot for them to reconcile. From what it appears, they fairly the group splintered right into two than admit they were wrong, were trying to take high school by storm, or either various other way you’d prefer to approach it.

Topic 3: “<…> once you don’t understand also what life is doing, the the majority of important point friends have the right to be is tright here for each various other.”(Riley & Maya)

While the majority of their friends are away, Maya and Riley reprimary in the hole watching world go by. Leading them to think they may have found why the seniors put them in the hole. It is bereason they truly aren’t prepared for high college. They watch people execute even more, like making out, than they ever did, and witness simply what it suggests to be passed their age, beyond their grade, and god just how unprepared they are for all of it. Yet, they are alone. Something which the seniors, Thor (Luke Benward), Francesca (Claudia Lee), and also Nikki (Ashley Argota) note happened to them. They were once a large team of six, but then they separation up and grew acomponent. A procedure which taken place naturally, however brought about points never before being the same.

Thus bring about Maya and Riley deciding to, unfavor the others, just sit everyone down in the same area and issue an apology. One which some prefer Lucas don’t understand also why it is coming from them, yet by the episode’s end it is agreed that they will all protect each various other and, arguably, proceed to inspire one another through their loyalty, their own specific talents, and capacity to persignificant.

Things To Note

Cory seems to have actually won Marly over, yet I think she may finish up questioning Cory’s teaching methods as Farkle provided to.

Collected Quote(s)

I have confidence that in a brand-new location you deserve to learn from the civilization that have currently been there.

— “Girl Meets High School – Part 2.” Girl Meets World

<…> once you don’t understand what life is doing, the the majority of necessary thing friends deserve to be is tbelow for each other.

— “Girl Meets High School – Part 2.” Girl Meets World

Kingdoms loss. Everyone that believes they’re gonna ascendancy the civilization drops. Everyone that believes they’re solid ultimately comes up against someone that’s more powerful. And eincredibly patriot fighting for a reason, they’re only as strong as the cause they’re fighting for. <…> What’s the reason you’re fighting for?

— “Girl Meets High School – Part 2.” Girl Meets World

Now, you have the right to remain masspiritual or you deserve to realize the battle has simply begun.

— “Girl Meets High School – Part 2.” Girl Meets World

Review Summary

Question(s) Left Unanswered

Will we watch the senior students again?

Is Marly going to end up being a reoccurring guest star like Smackle and Zay?


Auggie and Ava’s relationship to me, alongside Farkle and also Smackle, I think represents the healthiest mirroring of both son relationships and teenaged relationships.

Low Points

Though I could understand also Zay and Lucas acting arrogant when walking into the football team locker room, I was left a bit lost by Farkle and Smackle. Not because I don’t expect them to be confidant, yet also via them both being socially awkward you’d think they would recognize their middle school education and learning doesn’t compare to a high school one. Even for Smackle who checked out an elite middle school.

On The Fence

Sometimes I have to admit that the show having problems favor the triangle get extended out, yet the rift in between friends end within 2 episodes, is a bit annoying. For while I understand somethings should be squashed easily for the advantage of the present, it is this regimen switching in between being realistic and also what is for the benefit of the show which frustrates me once watching sometimes.

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