One of the biggest changes over Wildlands has been the arrival of Gorganize Recon: Breakpoint Gear Levels and Gear Score. The device shows up to be lifted from The Division 2, but what is the Ghold Recon: Breakpoint max Gear Score? In this guide, we’ll, hopetotally, answer that pushing question for you. We’ll describe what Gear Level in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint does also, just to make things much easier to understand also. Read on to find what the Ghost Recon: Breakpoint highest possible Gear Level is.

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Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Max Gear Score | What are Gear Levels?


Unfortunately, the Ghost Recon: Breakpoint max Gear Score and Level is presently unknown. In spite of this, we execute have some ideas regarding what might be the maximum Gear Score as of writing. Taking a look at places such as Reddit, you can gather that players have got to certain Gear Score turning points. This thread, for instance, argues that it can well be 250.

At least, one player confirms that tright here are Wolf Camps with Gear Level opponents of 250+ in the game upon its launch. If you pay attention to this video of the game from Ubisoft, however, you’ll alert that the Gear Score is provided as 300 for 3 of the four characters. The Ghold Recon: Breaksuggest max Gear Score might well be 300 based on this. We absolutely haven’t watched anyone obtain any greater.

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Just as in The Division 2, however, the Ghold Recon: Breakallude max Gear Level cap could rise following the release of future game updays. For now, though, it shows up to be 300.