Wright here do you think this starray statement came from, and also what do you mean it means?

When someone tells you not to bury your head in the sand, they are generally implying that you are trying to prevent a topic or situation by ignoring it; and by telling you to get your head out of the sand also they are advising you to confront truth fairly than hiding from it.

This phrase is an idiom which has been approximately for a long time. It has actually its origins in the idea that ostriches are not the brightest, and will bury their heads in the sand also as soon as they feel threatened. This is, but, a fallacy and I will tell you why.

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The reality is: Ostwide range execute not actually bury their heads in the sand—or, at leastern not for the reasons world think.


According to the website, idioms.thefreedictionary.com “This phrase describes the widespread, however mistaken, belief that ostwealth bury their heads in the sand once they are frightened, so regarding protect against being seen.”

Have you ever played hide and look for via a small child? It is not uncommon for them to cover their eyes and also hide in ordinary sight. Children have restricted suffer and also because they absence an knowledge of object permanence (check out Piaget's 4 Steras of Cognitive Development) they honestly believe that if they cannot watch you, then you cannot see them either.

Most of us have most likely had this suffer while looking after a kid, so it is understandable that as soon as people initially encountered the odd spectacle of an ostwell-off through its head in the sand, this could be the psychological photo it conjured up for them.

Ostwide range are unlikely to stand also still for long, yet, so it can be difficult for an observer to obtain close sufficient to view what they are really doing. Unfortunately, the innovation to get close up photos of the birds from a distance did not exist in earlier days, leading human being to misunderstand also their actions.

So, what are they doing as soon as their heads disappear from view?

If you come throughout an ostwell-off via its head in the sand also it is likely doing one of 2 points.

•1. It might be eating. While getting to dvery own to feed on the low thriving plants, it might show up that its head is listed below ground. Also, choose many kind of various other flightmuch less birds, ostwealth must ingest sand also and also gravel while eating and also they will certainly regularly dig right into the ground to execute this. This is because an ostwell-off has more than one stomach, and the grit from the sand and also gravel goes into the bird’s second stomach where it is then supplied to grind and also digest food.

•2. It may be turning its eggs. The ostrich’s head might disshow up for a while as they are turning their eggs. The ostwell-off lays its eggs in a shenable nest dug into the ground. It is important for them to revolve the eggs several times a day, and from a distance it may show up that they are hiding their heads.

An ostaffluent can actually be pretty intimidating, and civilization and animals will certainly desire to think twice before acquiring too cshed to its powerful legs and also sharp talons. Being the fastest birds on land also, yet, if they perform feel threatened they require just run. Due to their size ostwide range cannot fly, but they have actually lengthy muscular legs and they deserve to run at sustained speeds of approximately 30 miles an hour, and have the right to carry out short sprints as rapid as 45 miles an hour, and that is fast sufficient to outrun many predators that could come their method.

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Anvarious other amazing, and also unwidespread point around ostwide range, and their eggs, is just how the male and also female take transforms sitting on the swarm. You could have noticed that the male has actually dark plumage and the female is a lighter beige color. Since her feathers blfinish well right into the sandy landscape the female sits on the nest during the day. The male takes his rotate at night as soon as his dark feathers end up being the perfect cover to hide the swarm and also the cream colored eggs from predators.


So, through all this having been said, maybe we must take the ostaffluent as our overview after all. Be bold, don't issue about what others think of you, run rapid the race of life, and constantly execute your part!