The duality of women, the Madonna–whore facility, and the surpincreasing feminism of Ludacris’ ‘Splash Waterfalls’


If I had a dollar eexceptionally time I had actually to safeguard my love of rap to someone that frames its presence in opposition to my feminist national politics, I would not have to be searching for a task ideal now. I additionally wouldn’t have actually time to.

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I can say that nation tacitly approves date rape and expects womales to love Jesus, her daddy, and a pick-up truck. I might say that pop pedestals womales and also seemingly saccharine love songs are possessive if not outideal abusive. I might say that rock centers roughly sad white boys and also the women that are their manic pixie dream girls. I might say that rap is not the only misogynistic genre and the reason you’re scapegoating it as such is racism.

And I have actually done all of this. However before, ultimately, I’m not actually sure if I care what world think who have actually the audacity to ask me a question favor this. If you have to ask, you’ve clearly never before engaged with rap on any level.

I will concede though that rap certainly has actually its share of sex blunders. To me, its biggest offense is very renowned rapper Drake’s entire modus operandi of upholding the Madonna–whore complicated. TL;DR: in well-known society, the Madonna–whore facility is the concept that women can be saints or sinners, yet not both. And boy oh boy, perform you revere the saint.

His 2015 earworm ‘Hotline Bling’ is a prime instance. As a Genius annotation claims, “Drake shows on how the girls he offered to kick it with in Toronto have actually readjusted. Drizzy presumably acted as a mentor, and also without his guidance, these girls have gone dvery own a route of selling themselves short to obtain money and fame.” Why is it his business what these women are doing if he’s no longer with them? And why is attaining money and fame if you’re a womale selling yourself short? Speak policing women’s choices, Drizzy!

Outside rap, Taylor Swift additionally upholds this simplification and also constantly vilifies the whore to her very own Madonna. ‘You Belong With Me’ tells the story of a saintly nerd who’s hopelessly in love via her dude frifinish who’s inexplicably through a intend cheerleader. If this dichotomization of women—labeling certain interests “bad” and also “slutty”—wasn’t obvious in her lyrics, the video renders it particularly clear by having actually the various other girl a brunette in comparison to the narrator’s blonde locks, and at the prom, she’s in pure white while the girl who stole her boy is in sin red. Swift, that currently proudly labels herself a feminist and also whose girl gang has been oft-touted as #squadpurposes, has actually never before apologized for this blanket condemnation of women.

Earlier this year, a meme arised entitled “Get You a Man Who Can Do Both” which has actually the expression accompanied by photos that depict various styles of dress—implying that it is distinct to find someone that has actually two outfits that aren’t specifically the same. It has actually morphed to likewise incorporate gaining a girl that have the right to perform both, generally mirroring a woman in a dress and also heels and sweatpants and also Timberlands. While the concept that a woman that owns two pairs of shoes that imply she is both upscale sexy and lhelp back sexy being unexplained is misogynist, the basic concept of the meme when considering the pervasiveness of the Madonna–whore complicated is fascinating.

The meme ultimately states ‘uncover a girl who is both the Madonna and also the whore’ and, even more importantly, that this girl exists.

Of course, the meme originally intimated that this girl is a rarity; it has now become so copied and also parodied that the allude of the meme is to present just how prevalent ‘doing both’ is. Because of this, if you couple the meme as proof for the girl who’s the Madonna–whore and also its brand-new definition as the girl is everywhere, “Get You a Girl Who Can Do Both” is a refreshing take on female sexuality and also the duality of woguys.

On the other hand, in 2003, Ludacris released his fourth album Chicken-n-Beer, which had actually the single ‘Splash Waterfalls’. For my preteen self, this was another explicit jam along the lines of ‘What’s Your Fantasy’ that I had actually to keep on the DL from my parents. For my present self, that invests means as well a lot time in nuancing pop society, it’s a prototype of “Get You a Girl Who Can Do Both” and also the parallels between them are paintotally noticeable.

The song is conceived around a back-and-forth between Ludacris and Sandy Coffee, wright here he says somepoint sexually vanilla and also she claims “make love to me” followed by somepoint explicit and she responds “fuck me”. The chorus has actually an essential lyric that, for me, explains why the song is about a girl that can do both: Ludacris raps “they both one and the same”.

As Genius user Corey Blacksher so succinctly puts it: “This song is around a lady in the street however a freak in the bed” (a template Ludacris would later revisit through his function on Usher’s ‘Yeah!’). Basically, the woman of this song occasionally likes missionary sex to the vocal stylings of Babyface, but also periodically wants to be tied up or invent brand-new positions.

She’s a facility woman—or, you recognize, a womale.

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Ludacris is hardly well-known as a feminist rapper. And we absolutely should contact out his offenses. But, on the other hand also, we should acknowledge that more than a decade ago, among the goofs and gaffes that permeated the genre (and also of course, still do), he recorded a song about a complex woman through a sexual liberty not regularly current in rap. That’s worth talking about also.