One of the a lot of frustrating aspects of project looking is feeling prefer you’ve currently reached out to everyone you know. You’ve asked eextremely contact you deserve to probably think of if you might buy them a cup of coffee—from your initially boss to that previous co-worker you didn"t even particularly favor. Yet, you’re still just as much ameans from a new function as you were once you started.

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I recognize it sounds too great to be true, but tright here is one more way to expand also your network-related, satisfy new people and also make meaningful relations.

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Hear me out because it’s nearly guaranteed to gain your foot in the door.

Here’s how it works:

Tip 1: Identify Your Top Skills

Let’s begin on a fun topic: What you do much better than other human being. No really, what work take you much less energy to finish than your peers? What comes normally to you? What deserve to you perform that previous employers, friends or family members find valuable?

Take 10 minutes to brainstorm any that concerned mind. Then whittle that dvery own to the ones that come easiest to you.

For some, arranging a budacquire in Excel is exhausting while public speaking feels natural. For others, helping a colleague fix a technological concern comes quickly while coaching them through an individual problem is taxing.

Tip 2: Put Them In Order

OK, following you’re going to do a quick “demand also analysis” of each ability. That sounds complex, but I ascertain you it’s not.

Take a look at that list you made and also note whether you think tbelow is a “high,” “medium” or “low” demand also for it in the area you’re interested in. (Skills generally listed in place descriptions or that would certainly assist you excel in a job are “high,” whereas a skill that has actually little bit to do with your area of interemainder would be “low.”)

It looks prefer this:

Eric’s Top Skills For A Finance Role

• Personal Finance/Investing – High Demand

• Negotiation – High Demand

• Writing – Medium Demand

• Web Design – Low Demand

Clearly on, if Eric were using for a tech role, this list would certainly take on a different order.

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Step 3: Find Contacts

The next step is much less around talents and also even more around reaching out to strangers. You’re going to compare your optimal abilities with those of alumni from your alma mater using LinkedIn’s Alumni Device. And bereason you’re more than likely not familiar through this tool, I’ll walk you through it.

1. Start by going to your LinkedIn Alumni Page, locating the career insights section and clicking “See all career insights.”

2. Find that search box in the upper-left-ish corner of the display screen and form in your “high demand” talents one by one. Scroll dvery own a little bit and also you’ll watch human being that rank very for that ability.

3. One by one, click these profiles to view that person’s career path, existing role and also other abilities. Jot dvery own anyone that looks interesting.

Tip 4: Sfinish A Message

Start reaching out to the civilization you’ve established. Good news: Since you visited the same school—and you share the same ability—you have 2 points in common, and also that makes writing a note pretty easy:

Hi Maya,

I found your profile on LinkedIn once I was searching for fellow Tigers that specialize in finance and also negotiations. I’d love to learn more around your suffer at Organization X. Would you have actually time for a phone speak to or for answering some inquiries over email?



Keep reaching out until you have 10 new potential contacts at different institutions. If simply half these world turn right into informational interviews—and you make an awesome impression—you’re currently looking at five new companies where you have your foot in the door.

"A Surprisingly Easy Way To Get Your Foot In The Door"was initially publimelted on The Muse.

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In addition to contributing to The Muse,Mike O"Connor is the Director of Career Discovery and the Education Career Community at Williams College.