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Man, oh man…discovering just how to play Georgia On A Fast Train is SO rewarding! Eddy Shaver is an excellent guitar player and linked through his father Billy Joe Shaver’s songwriting and also lyrics, it makes for some explosive nation music. You will certainly be a much better guitar player after you learn these guitar solos!

Today’s short article will cover the main licks and also solos. Check out our YouTube lesboy below where we show these licks and break them down right into bite-size pieces.

Plus we’ll testimonial the strumming pattern for the verses and also choroffers. Note, the video lesboy just covers the standard rhythm so you have the right to acquire with the song. If you desire to go above and also past and learn every bit lick that Eddy Shaver plays, I have actually a full tablature available for purchase through Sheet Music Plus here! https://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/21958300?aff_id=721405.

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Gear Corner!

Today’s leskid is based upon the live performance by Shaver at Farm Aid. I’ll embed the video at the finish of this paragraph so you deserve to watch it for reference. Eddy is using an old beat up Fender Stratocaster (awesome). I’ve heard a rumor that he received this guitar from Dicvital Betts, and Eddy’s strat has that rare punchy Strat tone! I love exactly how that guitar sounds! I find eextremely Stratocaster has a personality of it’s very own, and tbelow are just a handful of Strats that really acquire me excited. Eddy’s strat is doing for me. =)

I additionally think Eddie was a fan of Mesa Boogie amplifiers. These sounds really good and also acquire a great crunch tone. I am used to seeing these amps even more in rock music (and also let’s be hocolony, Eddy’s playing is pretty rock n roll), however Eddy makes it work-related really well for nation music. It’s dirty, biting, and also really sparkles paired through his Stratocaster.

Nashville Numbers

This song is extremely simple so today’s coverage of the Nashville numbers will certainly be brief. The song is in the vital of A and also complies with a I-IV-V (1-4-5) development. I’ve shelp it prior to, and I’m going to say it aacquire. 1-4-5 chord progressions are vital for eincredibly musician who plays jazz, nation, rock n roll, or pop music. If you have the right to play the 1-4-5 chord development in any type of crucial, you will certainly be a desirable guitarist. You will find this development in thousands upon countless songs, so commit it to memory. Write it on the chalkboard 50 times. Do whatever it takes to memorize this.

So, what are the 4 and also 5 chords in the vital of A? You just play an A major range and assign a number to each chord. The initially note of the A major scale is A (1), then a B (2), C (3), D (4), E (5), and also we can soptimal right here. Looking at the 4th & fifth notes, we have actually a D and an E chord. Bam!

Now let’s move onto the fun part of discovering exactly how to play Georgia On A Quick Train…

The Licks and also Solos!

The Intro Riff

When discovering just how to play Georgia On A Rapid Train, you’re going to want to kick the song off best. The only means to execute that is to play some train whistle sounding licks that have the right to also double as imitation pedal steel licks. Check out the initially component of the intro below.


Then, you’re going to play a classic nation double stop riff at the 5th worry and 7th worry on your B and e strings. These show up in a lot of rocking country songs, so this is one more lick that is worth remembering for other country tunes. If you write country songs and also want a cool sounding rhythm electric guitar, you can steal this lick!

Then we drop dvery own to the open chord positions. In this song, Eddy Shaver forms the chords and also create his licks about these chord forms. Take note of how he plays these licks because he will certainly use some of these notes as filler in between the lines of the verse and choruses! As you complete the last riff on that low E string wbelow you slide from the third worry to the 4th stress, you’re going to hit the A chord and begin singing, “On the day that I was born,” etc.

The First Solo

This is a neat solo bereason Eddy provides the note from one string and also pairs it through an open up string of the very same note to obtain rapid and also in your confront rockabilly guitar. He is sliding a lot from the third worry to the fifth fret on one string, and then playing the higher open up string pair. It’s super-rapid but incredibly controllable for intermediate players. Let’s examine out the first couple of parts of this solo right here. Note, the solo officially starts via the A chord in the second measure/bar below.

The Final Solo

Take a deep breath and also relax prior to you learn exactly how to play Georgia On A Fast Train’s the majority of involved solo. It’s sort of a doozy, however after finding out these licks, you will certainly have actually taken your first step toward becoming a monster nation guitar player. And you’ll be an all-roughly much better musician.

The first lick is a lengthy slow-moving bend on your B string. It sets up a blistering lick where you slide down into the A and also D chord positions on the 5th worry. Then you ultimatelty end up in the open up chord positions aget. This lick will certainly take some muscle memory, so be patient with yourself. To give you an concept, it took me a day or two to memorize these licks, and then one more 4-5 days of playing the lick progressively, and also steadily enhancing the rate of my metronome till I was rippin’ and also pickin’ prefer a Nashville chicken!

At bar #174 in this tablature, the next guitar lick begins. This lick starts with the slide from your 11th fret approximately the 12th worry and also is a classical nation sound. It renders me think of chicken making little clucks as they strut around a yard, and I guess that’s part of the factor why they speak to it chicken picken. To finish the lick, you’ll play some quick bends that take some coordicountry in between your best and left hand to get to sound correct. Aacquire, be patient through these licks! Starting from bar 174 over, continue on to the tabs below!

Take a Breath, This Solo is Hard! Remember to Breath!

We’re going to speak aget, this time at measure/bar 195 as your finishing that bendy lick on the 13th fret. This following lick beginning on bar 196 is my absolute favorite. I love the slide up, and also the picken from the height all the way down! It’s so friggin awesome once your fingers start snapping the strings and also making your guitar sing! At bar 196 start your slide up lick, and also then continue below for some even more contemporary nation licks.

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You’ll notice that your following lick has you jumping as much as the 9th & 8th stress of your particular G and also B strings. This is a cool blues riff, and also the solo takes a little of a rotate ameans from country below. This starts at bar 208, and the song proceeds on through some Chuck Berry style licks, before he goes back to that bluesy lick at the 9th/8th stress on teh G/B strings to end the solo. Check it out!

The Outro!

This lick need to be straightforward at this allude because you’ve played all of these notes already at one point or an additional. This combines some of the cool nation style licks up the neck, with a Johnny B Goode bluesy style bfinish in the A chord position, and ends through a train whistle sound that imitates a pedal steel. This is cool stuff for any kind of guitar player to know! Check out the tab below!

That’s IT!

YEEHAW! You understand how to play Georgia On A Quick Train!! I hope these nation licks made you a far better guitar player! You’ll absolutely rotate some heads at Guitar Center (especially those men playing Stairway)!

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