Game of Thrones Seaboy 7 Episode 6 Review: Death is the Enemy

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On paper, it was a terrible plan, however there was no various other method to acquire Cersei on board via any type of sort of plan bereason, well, she desires all the power. 

The polar bear killing the wildling early successfully injected the scenes that came after via a feeling of dcheck out. It confirmed just just how high the stakes were for everyone, and also that they might die at any kind of minute. 

The lone walker and also the wights patrolling finding the fire were scary because they can have actually alerted the Night King that world were past the wall. 

It was fascinating that as shortly as the walker was eliminated all yet one wight passed away. Are we to assume that the wights are linked to the walkers, while the walkers are all attached to the Night King?


It would make many sense after that scene. But then aacquire, one miraculously endured to be captured. There"s likewise the opportunity the Night King wanted the team to snag among them. 

Tright here is a lot we don"t recognize around the logistics of exactly how points job-related past the wall, yet somepoint tells me we will not must issue about it bereason they now have actually a dragon at their disposal. 

Yes, you guys. In one of the the majority of emotional scenes on TV in fairly some time, the Night King successfully lunged an ice-infprovided spear at Viserion and he was taken out of the skies. 

It was horrible to watch, however in the grand scheme of points, it offered Daenerys the knock she required to understand just just how challenging it is going to be to win the war. 

Throughout Video Game of Thrones Seakid 7, she had actually been hesitant around the beings beyond the wall, so making her means into the fight confirmed her just exactly how good the enemy is. 


Losing a child is not easy, and Daenerys knew she required to make a swift getaway in situation she shed more. But that came with a major dilemma for her: She wanted to conserve Jon. 

Watching the display, it"s coming to be significantly obvious that she and Jon Snow share a link that goes beyond just being friendly in order to have allies for battle. 

The scene on the watercraft with Jon calling her Dany was simply whatever. It adjusted everything for them bereason it confirmed that they had actually a strong connection. 

Jon agreed to bfinish the knee after Daenerys promised to fight by his side. In spite of what Jon"s civilization might think, he trusts Daenerys bereason she has not damaged her word to him. 

Tormund is most likely to give thanks to for making Jon think around bending the knee. Linking ago to Mance Rayder was a good means to aid Jon think rationally about points as opposed to being too bogged dvery own about what his people would certainly think. 


In any type of instance, having these 2 characters bonded is an excellent idea bereason they are great to watch and will both be good rulers together. 

However before, it"s going to be downideal heartbreaking once Daenerys inevitably hregarding go head-to-head through the blue-eyed Viserion. 

It was an excellent method to provide the Night King an benefit, however it was rather predictable. As shortly as the dragon plunged into the depths of the water, it all fell into area for me. 


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If Viserion is able to range the wall and also melt it with some blue charged fire, that will certainly provide the Night King a way to gain through the wall through his army. 

The wall was reportedly constructed with magic in mind, but if a portion of that dissolves, would that enable the villains to make their means through?

It"s an interesting question, and also hopefully, it"s answered on Video Game of Thrones Seakid 7 Episode 7. It would certainly be an exciting set-up for the show"s last seaboy. 

It was a shocking rotate of events to have Benjen appear and save Jon. Wbelow did that also come from? Benjen was so nice to Jon in his younger days once some were against him bereason of his surname. 

It was a fitting method to connect earlier to the beginning of the series. Tright here was never before really any kind of question of whether Jon would die. There is so much unfiniburned company in between him and also Daenerys that it would have been silly to have Jon shed out on making it to the last season. 

Either way, Benjen knew the ideal means for Jon to make it through was to go on the horse alone bereason it expected the weight would be reduced and also it can run quicker to Eastwatch. 

It"s crazy to think just how various things can have turned out if Jon compelled Benjen to obtain on it through him. Would they have actually made it?

Daenerys and Tyrion are great together, and also this episode perfectly portrayed why: Daenerys is also busy reasoning about the temporary, while Tyrion thinks about the bigger image. 

Strategically trying to plot to win the battle is no basic task, however provided time, the two will ultimately agree on the finest feasible course of action. 

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To an degree, it"s prefer Tyrion tries to keep Daenerys grounded when she is thinking irrationally. Tright here have actually lengthy been rumors that she could become the Mad Queen. 

That would be rather the change of pace, however it would certainly most likely spell her downautumn. 

The drama at Winterfell is obtaining crazy, yet I cannot obtain on board through Arya"s comments to Sansa around creating the note. Sansa genuinely had actually no alternative in the matter. 

Arya making use of that versus her to say that she would not have betrayed her family was just ordinary rude. I"ve been so harsh on Sansa bereason she does occasionally come throughout as an opportunist that vies for power. 

Sansa is smarter than most offer her crmodify and without her influence, the family members would certainly not be in Winterfell appropriate now. It"s difficult to have both sisters at battle, yet this is all Littlefinger"s doing. 

He desperately desires them to bicker bereason it offers him much longer to execute whatever his master setup might be. My one true hope for the finale is that the sisters put on a joined front to piss him off. 

He needs to go, and I hope it"s sooner quite than later. Then, Arya deserve to usage his confront to go slap Robin because that would just make my day. 

"Beyond The Wall" was a breathtaking episode, which collection the wheels in activity for what is sure to be a thrilling cshed to Game of Thrones Seachild 7. 

Other tidbits from the episode: 

Eexceptionally single scene with Tormund and the Hound was delightful. I fifty percent intended the Hound to say that Brienne was rubbish in bed or somepoint, just to piss off Tormund. Thoros of Myr is gone, however what does that expect for Beric? Will he actually die following time without the red priest around? Tright here were pros and cons to Sansa sfinishing Brienne off to King"s Landing, but with Arya acquiring even more unpredictable, it was more than likely a mistake. Jon giving the sword to Ser Jorah was a noble move. It really is impressive to check out all of these people from different family members fighting alongside each various other. My heart sank as soon as it appeared choose Tormund was dying. Thank god he had actually a connection through the Hound previously on or he might not have actually been so lucky. 

Over to you, Game of Thrones Fanatics. What did you think of this epic installment?