With her unshakable determination and also indomitable strength of will, it"s simple to view why Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clark) is the favorite character of many type of "Game of Thrones" enthusiasts. It"s additionally understandable why the show"s last seaboy was so universally hated, considering Dany"s inexcusable actions at King"s Landing and her fate at the hands of Jon Scurrently (Kit Harrington). Still, it"s the writers that acquired blamed for Dany"s downloss, not the character herself.

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It may be that Daenerys is a truly great leader, with her 3 dragons and also an Earth-shaking force that no army deserve to stand against, yet the truth is that she would have actually obtained nowright here if it weren"t for Khal Drogo (Jachild Momoa). It"s out of respect for Drogo that the Dothraki even tolerate Daenerys at first, and also it"s his stamina as a leader that boosts her own confidence. Drogo lifted her up as a true khaleesi, not just an additional occupation or a trophy wife.

Now, that"s not to say that Khal Drogo is a character to be admired. He is a ruthless, violent guy who rapes and pilleras and also sells servants — every one of which is intended behavior for a Dothraki ruler, and every one of which ultimately made him the khal he is at the start of "Game of Thrones." He takes what he wants and he does what he feels favor without restraint or consequence. If anypoint, Drogo might be taken into consideration a stepping stone on Dany"s path to greatness, but he shouldn"t be credited with making her who she becomes by the series" end. Drogo does most really messed up points throughout "Thrones," – but among them stands out above the rest as the absolute worst.

In the start, prior to she becomes the "Mother of Dragons," Daenerys is just a victim — a tool to be supplied to slake the desires of both her brvarious other, Viserys (Harry Lloyd), that lusts for power, and Khal Drogo, that lusts for a pretty, silver-haired Westerosi woman. Dany is given to Khal Drogo as a gift from Viserys, that is hoping for a big, formidable Dothraki army — a khalasar — in exreadjust to win earlier the Iron Throne. Although Dany and Drogo concerned love one an additional in their own way, things don"t rather start out as a perfect romance made in heaven.

After the wedding celebration in the series" pilot, "Winter is Coming," Drogo takes Dany kind of to a scenic hilloptimal to consummate their marital relationship — yet it"s not the honeymoon night of Dany"s desires. As Drogo strips her of her apparel, Dany type of starts to weep, and also Drogo wipes her tears ameans. He then utters the single word he knows of the Common tongue: "No." It appears favor Drogo can"t stand also to view his new bride cry, yet that doesn"t soptimal him from forcing Dany to have actually sex.

This scene caused many kind of fans of the display a lot of discomfort but was particularly despised by fans of the books that "Game of Thrones" were based on, "A Tune of Ice and Fire." The scene plays out quite in different ways in the original text, via Drogo actually being much even more gentle via his brand-new wife. Daenerys in the book is just 13 years old, though, as opposed to being 16 in the display, which makes the totality thing that much more icky. So, yeah, any kind of means you slice it, that scene leaves a bad taste in viewers" mouths.


Of course, as fans know, Khal Drogo and Daenerys" partnership takes a pretty huge turn before lengthy. After asking her handmaidens how she deserve to attach even more very closely through Drogo, Dany type of reflects her inner stamina in the time of the couple"s intimate moments, and also Drogo not only respects, yet loves his wife before lengthy, honoring her through gifts and also reflecting her uncharacteristic affection.

When Dany realizes she"s carrying Drogo"s kid, the khal is overjoyed, specifically once female members of his khalasar proclaim that their kid will be a powerful warrior — specifically, the "stallion who mounts the world." After a ceremony wbelow a pregnant Dany eats an entire equine heart to make her kid solid, Drogo declares that, per his wife"s wishes, he and also his guys will cross the sea to Westeros to overtake King"s Landing and also the Iron Throne, which Dany kind of and also Viserys think is their birthbest as Targaryens, and also Daenerys announces that their son will be called "Rhaego," after her late brvarious other Rhaegar.

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Sadly, Drogo ends up shedding his life as Season 1 ends; after killing among his own males to safeguard Dany"s honor, the khal contracts a dangerous blood infection, and also when Dany type of renders a resolve a godswife to try and also treat him, she only ends up making his problem worse once the meant healer leaves Drogo in a catatonic state as revenge. Dany kind of inevitably loses the male she loves — and also, thanks to his funeral pyre, gains 3 dragons — yet it"s always worth remembering that their relationship gets off to a, well, rocky start.