Wondering where all the Marvel Universe recommendations are hiding in the Iron Fist Netflix series? We've obtained you extended.

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Iron Fist ran as the major feature in Marvel Premiere for ten issues, and also the first few of those, in the loosest sense imaginable (although maybe not fairly as loose as how Logan adjusted its Old Man Logan comic resource material) create the spine of these early on episodes. In fact, the initially two issues are about Danny Rand coming to NYC to enter a company tower, although in this case, it’s Harold Meachum’s firm. Oh yeah, and also Danny simply strolls right into NYC in complete Iron Fist equipment, which most likely increased fewer eyebrows in mid-70s New York City than it would this day.

– In those very same early concerns, we likewise meet Harold, Ward, and also Delight Meachum, although in the comics, Ward is Joy’s uncle not her brother. But why separation hairs, right?

– Colleen Wing made her dehowever a couple of concerns later, in Marvel Premiere #19, which is just the fifth Iron Fist story ever before, so it renders sense that she’s an integral part of Danny’s journey here on the show, as well. We also met Misty Knight for the first time, not in the pperiods of Luke Cage, but in these at an early stage Iron Fist stories. Colleen and also Misty finished up branching out on their own as private detectives, so don’t be surprised if those 2 have actually a future together.

– It shouldn’t come any type of surprise that the heads of a corporation favor Rand also Enterprises are absurdly rich, but holy moley, that 19 Gramercy Park South attend to wbelow they live in is simply around as posh as it gets.

– Danny’s whole “country hick in the massive city” program reminds me a little little of Bruce Lee’s character in The Way of the Dragon for a couple of minutes here and tbelow. Of course, Finn Jones is no Bruce Lee, but then aacquire, who is?

– Colleen runs the Chikara Dojo. Aside from definition “power” in Japanese, it’s likewise the name of one of our favorite wrestling promovements in the civilization, the ever-bonkers ChikaraPro. That last component is a coincidence, of course. But if you choose superhero-themed wrestling, you must check them out.


– I don’t think there’s any comic book signifcance to Kyle, however feel free to correct me.

– The just “Big Al” I can discover any recommendation to in Marvel lore is a minor character from the initially worry of underrated mini-series Spider-Man: Blue. I don’t think there’s anypoint to concern around right here in that regard.

Iron Fist Episode 2: Shadow Hawk Takes Flight

“Danny struggles with his new surroundings, Colleen dishes out a harsh lesson, and also Delight sends an unstandard message.”

So, this episode might have a pretty cool central principle if it wasn’t so beforehand in the run, or if they had chose to actually commit to it. Basically, what if we as the audience were intended to question Danny’s story just as everyone else was, and also we would certainly find the fact as it was revealed? I need to confess, they kinda blew it through this.

Anyway, on via the Marvel stuff…

– I’m pretty sure that “Birch Psychiatric” isn’t genuine, and I can’t uncover any type of Marvel Comics significance to this or to Dr. Paul Adams, that is the one treating Danny.

– So, the only recommendation to the name “John Anderson” I can uncover is to a man that resided in Peter Parker’s apartment building for a bit in 2003, and also I’m pretty certain that isn’t intentional below.

– The talk around those “warehomes in Brooklyn” sounds like it’s part of that comparable plan to buy up residential or commercial property in Hell’s Kitchen from Daredevil Seaboy One though, doesn’t it?

– There’s a referral to the “order of the Crane Mother” right here, but I’m conserving that for a little later on. Stick through me, I promise it pays off!

– Of course Danny’s renote around “the immortal Iron Fist” is a referral to (among other things) the best comic to ever feature his name: the series by Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction, and also David Aja and also others.

It’s also worth noting that “the immortal” aspect of that doesn’t expect that Danny can’t die, it’s to show that he’s one of a long line of mystical martial arts masters. Hopetotally the show plays with that legacy facet at some allude.

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– We additionally get our obligatory first referral to “the incident” in this episode, which of course describes the events of The Avengers. Hey, at leastern they don’t say “Hell’s Kitchen” in eexceptionally various other line of dialogue like they did in that first seachild of Daredevil, right?

– OK, you need to gain a chuckle out of Ward’s “code name” for his Dad being “Frank N. Stein” on his phone.

Iron Fist Episode 3: Rolling Thunder Cannon Punch

“Delight proves herself a shrewd businessperboy, Danny recalls a painful memory, and also Colleen puts her talents to great usage.”

Jeri Hogarth is a Marvel Comics character that has actually been approximately virtually as lengthy as Iron Fist, other than in the comics, Jeri is a male named Jeryn. But you already knew this if you review my Jessica Jones Easter Egg Guide, right?