Now that you’ve had practically 10 days to tuck right into the fifth season of “House of Cards,” let’s talk around Frank Underwood‘s sexuality.

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Not simply because it’s pride month (in Netflix’s White House, anyway) or a compelling storyline to imagine an LGBT perkid in the highest office in the land also, yet because this is “Housage of Cards” at its ideal — weaponizing humanity as political liability.

Seaboy one told us that Kevin Spacey’s character enjoyed a romance via one of his armed forces academy buddies, yet we never returned to that side of the politician seeing how busy he was burning dvery own villperiods and also eating souls in his quest of power.

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But not this year.  A brand-new male love interemainder is invited into the fold as the Underwoods clutch to their fragile power, and that college affair becomes a licapacity in the First Couple’s election project.

Frank’s new man is his individual trainer Eric Rawlings, an out-of-job-related actor that formerly played the role of Frank’s excellent ancestor in a Civil War reenactment.

“One of the points that was many fascinating to us is, he’s attracted to someone playing the part of his ancestor. There’s something extremely twisted and also Underwoodian about it,” co-showrunner Melissa James Gibchild told in the time of a recent chat through her counterpart Frank Pugliese.

“Like he’s trying to figure himself out with that attractivity,” Gibkid added.

Only Frank Underlumber would kill 2 birds through one stone by securing a lover and also simultaneously getting some narcissistic approval from a long-dead uncle.

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“The arc tbelow is about a character telling you the stories you desire to hear around yourself, and what happens as soon as those stories start to change? It’s Frank grappling through his heritage and also his ambition,” Pugliese sassist.

The leschild of which the Underwoods are keenly aware, yet never seem to learn, is that ultimately everyone becomes a trouble.

Frank and also Eric’s idyllic cardio bike rides approximately D.C. and also attfinishing significant White House functions together escalates into a dark internet of obsession, as the last openly professes his love for Frank in front of defense information and also staff.

Claire, happy to let Francis have something extracurricular as she has for 2 periods via her live-in “speech writer” Tom Yates, dismisses the troubled male as “creepy.” Eric Rawlings ends up a question with an extremely predictable answer, which we won’t spoil for you below.

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But Rawlings is an exhilarating kind of collateral damage bereason he represents a deeply huguy impulse in Frank — a longing for link, which is somepoint you’d think he and also his Lady Macbeth would certainly be lengthy detached from by now.

It’s not all carnal, by the way. It can be argued that Eric is a bandage for an old wound twice opened up. That college affair was with a classmate from their fictional academy The Sentinel, named Tim Corbett (David Andrews).

When another Sentinel alum called Ken Caswell, that knew Frank and also Corbet, bumps into Claire during a project soptimal this year, he greatly alludes to the romantic connection while expressing his dismay that the Underwoods weren’t kinder to him through favors over the years.

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The scene is a drive-by hazard to reveal Frank’s sexuality at a pivotal suggest in the time of their presidential project. Claire seethes at Caswell’s attempted power play. We later find that Corbett disshowed up on a searching expedition and was never before uncovered, taking him off the table as a viable threat to the Underwoods.

It was a well-crafted reminder that, in the human being of “House of Cards,” no one is naturally corrupt. But they certain wind up that means.

“There’s something around Francis this seachild, particularly as he relates to Claire,” Gibson concluded.

“He chooses power over everything else,” she sassist.




Agent Steve Jones (Chance Kelly) is seemingly a security guard placeholder for future threesome-reveler Edward Meechum, however once this Capital Police guy was guarding the Underwoods in Seakid 1, he harbored a longtime love for Claire. While it was cancer that brought him to an untimely end, Claire gives an award-worthy speech on his deathbed around why her life with Frank is so a lot even more fulfilling than pedestrian true love and hoswarm living. “I recognize your fact, and currently you know mine,” she claims before leaving him to die. We understand the truth, too: There’s strength in evil, and Jones was no match.


Originally nominated as Secretary of State, Michael Kern (Kevin Kilner) verified to be an immediate breakrapid for Frank -- that took him down via a controversial editorial on Israel composed for Kern’s college newspaper in the "70s -- by someone else completely.


An Underwood “ally” as much as anyone might be one, Catherine Durant (Jayne Atkinson) was manipulated by Underwood) without her discovering, via Frank placing her approximately significant moves that ultimately bring around Walker’s resignation and Underwood’s ascension to the Presidency. While she’s sitting pretty in Frank’s favor, he put her straight at odds through then-President Walker.

Another pawn in Underwood’s chess game, Chinese businessmale Xander Feng (Terry Chen) was promised asylum for playing along -- and then was promptly disconcerned as soon as the brand-new President took office.

Internationwide photographer and heartthrob Adam Gallomeans (Ben Daniels) gets his head bitten off and chewed by former lover Claire once he’s implicated in a nude photo scandal he had actually nothing to perform with.

Jackie Sharp (Molly Parker) gets an education in underhandedness once Frank renders her an unmost likely but effective alternative for majority whip. Slowly stripping amethod her morals and also Army-offered moral code, Sharp tries desperately to cling to her identification in the long shadow of the Underwoods, but is ultimately herself whipped right into handing him the presidency.

Missouri billionaire Raymond Tusk (Gerald McRaney) tried to play the game of deception and also manipulation however was quickly outplayed by Underlumber, eventually finishing up behind bars because he was stupid sufficient to let his adversary in on his more illegal dealings.

The owner of Frank’s favorite BBQ joint, Freddy (Reg E. Cathey) seemed favor one of the politician’s true friends, but even he couldn’t withstand the harsh truth of project seachild and also had his business destroyed and his individual life leaked to the media for being cshed to Underlumber.

In Seachild 2, Megan Hennessey (Libby Woodbridge) bravely actions forward as a victim of sexual assault at the hands of the very same Military basic who raped Claire. Almethods an opportunist, Claire provides a very unsteady Megan the face of a sexual assault reform bill, attempting to strong-arm the armed pressures through civilian oversight. Drinking greatly and self-medicating, Megan breaks under the press and Claire sweeps her under the rug through alarming agility.

Lucas Goodwin‘s (Sebastian Arcelus) only crime was falling in love — with the very toxic, manipulative Zoe Barnes. Her murder leads him on a paranoia-fueled goose chase (his conspiracy theories are correct, sadly) that lands him in federal priboy for tampering via a cell phone carrier’s servers. Lucas knows the reality, or arrived at it separately. The Underwoods obviously had actually to hide him under a rock.

President Garret Walker (Michael Gill) and also First Lady Patricia Walker (Joanna Going) — wbelow to begin? Stealing a whole American presidency is a feat of unimaginable intricacy, and also it still doesn’t also rank as the peak Underwood offense. With Frank viciously leading Garrett Walker to slaughter and also Claire planting seeds of suspicion and insecurity within Patricia at eextremely turn — the massacre of the Walker legacy was perhaps the Underwoods’ the majority of ambitious undertaking, and also done through a deeply-felt satisfaction.

Ayla Sayyad (Mozhan Marnò) extended the White Housage for the Wall surface Street Telegraph. She initially faced the Underwoods once Connor Ellis leaked indevelopment to her around the Chinese and Xander Feng. She was a member of the White Housage press pool under President Underwood, but was driven out by Seth Graykid after she harassed Undertimber around the arrest of LGBT activist Michael Corrigan in Russia.

Alexi Moryakov (Alexander Sokovikov) was the Russian ambassador to the UN who functioned alongside Claire Underhardwood. He earlier channeled through her as soon as tensions developed over the case in the Jordan Valley. He tells Claire that the Russians killed their very own soldiers to sabotage the peacemaintaining mission. After UNITED STATE soldiers are killed investigating the Russian deaths, Alexi is rereferred to as to Moscow.

Thomas Yates (Paul Sparks) was a best-offering author hired by Frank to create a book around America Works. Over the course of Seaboy 3 they become fairly close and also share a number of painful tricks through each other. But Frank is unhappy via the finimelted work-related and fires Yates.

Michael Corrigan (Christian Camargo) was an LGBT activist who was arrested in Russia for proexperimentation the country"s anti-gay laws. The Underwoods travel to Moscow to secure his release, via Claire ultimately spending the night in his cell. The 2 talk for hours, at the finish of which Corrigan convinces Claire to sleep. When she wakes up, he has actually hanged himself with her scarf. 

Edward Meechum (Nathan Darrow), core team member (and also one-time sex partner to Frank and also Claire) made the ultimate sacrifice protecting President Frank Underwood, taking a bullet and also dying in the line of duty in Seachild 4.

Elizabeth Hale (a perfectly actors Ellen Burstyn) had long been estranged from daughter Claire Hale Underwood. The 2 mutual something close to reconciliation prior to her fatality from cancer in seachild 4, yet not before Claire could leverage her one last time. She intimidated to liquidate her late father"s estate to raise cash for a state senate project, a relocate that led Elizabeth to compel her deep-pocketed females that lunch to donate to Frank"s biggest foe in seakid 4, fellow Democratic candidate Heather Dunbar. We view wbelow Claire gets it from. 

Tom Hammerschmidt (Boris McGiver) is the one journalist who hasn"t been totally dismantled (or worse, killed) by the Underwoods in his quest around their true actions, but they have actually currently obtained him fired as Editor in Chief of the Washington Herald. And he hasn"t been able to prove any kind of of his allegations versus the Underwoods -- yet.

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You do not obtain to come to be the the majority of effective couple in the world by playing nice. Frank (Kevin Spacey) and Claire Underlumber (Robin Wright) have been ruthless in brushing aside all detractors in the means of their ascension to the White Housage. Here"s simply a sampling of the lives they"ve damaged.