Our Fortnite Seachild 8 Week 10 Challenges guide includes a list of all the challenges obtainable this week and explains how to finish them all.

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We deserve to hardly believe it, yet we"ve currently reached Week 10 of Fortnite Seachild 8. What"s much better than to round off the seakid via more weekly challenges? Nopoint, of course.

Complete this week"s selection of challenges and you"ll earn yourself plenty of Battle Stars which will go in the direction of levelling up your Battle Pass, and in turn, unlock lots of cosmetic rewards to kit your character out via.

You"ll discover a list of every obstacle available this week for both totally free and also premium players just below. On peak of all this, we"ve also put together a few tips to assist you complete those which aren"t as straightforward as the others.


Fortnite: Seachild 8 Week 10 Challenges List

Here’s a breakdown of all the obstacles available for you to complete this week:


Launch via flaming hoops via a Cannon (0/3)Stage 1 of 3: Harvest Wood in a single complement (0/500)Eliminate enemies at Tilted Towers or The Block (0/3)

Battle Pass Exclusive

Deal damage via an infantry Rifle or Heavy Assault Rifle (0/500)Stage 1 of 2: Search the treacertain map signpost discovered in Junk Junction (0/1)Deal damage within 10s of landing after utilizing a Volcano Vent (0/100)Eliminate an foe from closer than 5m away (0/2)

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Tips and also Tricks

Below we’ve put together a couple of pointers to help you out via some of the covert or trickier challenges this week.

Stage Challenge

There"s a couple of "Stage" based challenge which calls for a few steps to tick off each difficulty overall. Below we"ve broken them down right into each component so you"re prepared for whatever"s next.


Stage 1: Harvest Wood in a solitary complement (500)Stage 2: Harvest Stone in a solitary complement (400).Stage 3: Harvest Metal in a solitary enhance (300).


Stage 1: Search the treacertain map signpost uncovered in Junk Junction (0/1)Stage 2: Follow the treacertain map signpost in Junk Junction (0/1).

Easy Flaming Hoops Locations

For this challenge, you"ll have to fire yourself through three Flaming Hoops with a Cannon.

Here"s HarryNinetyFour reflecting us wright here to discover three Flaming Hoops:

Flaming Hoop #1: Southwest of Salty Springs you"ll find a cannon on peak of the hill.Flaming Hoop #2: North of Polar Peak, southwest of the pirate camp. You"ll find the cannon on the edge of the frozen lake.Flaming Hoop #3: Southwest of Pleasant Park you"ll uncover the cannon just exterior the pirate camp.

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Treacertain Map Signpost and Location

To get this difficulty done, you"ll require track down the Treasure Map Signpost, then uncover the X which marks the spot.

Here"s HarryNinetyFour clearing the challenge:

Signpost: Right in the centre of Junk Junction, wedged in between two stacks of crumelted cars.Treasure: Southeast of Salty Springs, it"s on among the rocks leading down into the centre of the Knife ditch.

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Cwarmth Sheet

Below we"ve embedded a link to squatingdog"s cheat sheet which will certainly assist you mop up eextremely various other difficulty on this list:

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