Here are eight of Pulitzer-prizewinning Sam Shepard"s most stunning plays. This brilliant American dramatist creates what The New Yorker dubbed "Shepard Country"—a landscape of the creative thinking, a distinctive theatrical experience that captures our society and consciouness, our fears and fantasies. FOOL FOR LOVE * ANGEL CITY * GEOGRAPHY OF A HORSE DREAMER * ACTION * COWBOY MOUTH * MELODRAMA PLAY * SEDUCED * SUICIDE IN BbWith an Introduction by Ross Wetzsteon“Sam Shepard is phenomenal...the finest practicing Amerihave the right to playwappropriate.” —The New Republic“Sam Shepard is the a lot of amazing presence in the movie world and among the many gifted writers ever to occupational on the Amerideserve to phase.” —Marsha Norman“The a lot of ruthlessly experimental and uncompromising of today"s young authors.” —John Lahr“Sam Shepard fills the role of skilled playwright as a good ballet dancer or acrobat fulfills his duty in performance. That is, he always delivers, he executes tasks of dexterity and also technological obstacle that an untrained perkid can not, and renders them seem easy.” —Michael Feingold, The Village Voice"One of the a lot of original, prolific, and gifted dramatists at occupational now.” —The New Yorker“Increasingly recognized as among the even more considerable dramatists in the English-speaking human being.” —Charles R. Bachman, Modern Drama

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Sam Shepard is the Pulitzer Prize–winning writer of even more than forty-5 plays. He was a finalist for the W. H. Smith Literary Award for his story arsenal Great Dream of Heaven, and also he has also written the story collection Cruising Paradise, 2 collections of pincreased pieces, Motel Chronicles and Hawk Moon, and Rolling Thunder Logbook, a diary of Bob Dylan"s 1975 Rolling Thunder Review tour. As an actor he has actually showed up in even more than thirty films, and he received an Osauto nomination in 1984 for his performance in The Right Stuff. His screenplay for Paris, Texas won the Grand also Jury Prize at the 1984 Cannes Film Festival, and also he created and also directed the film Far North in 1988.

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Shepard"s plays, elalso of which have won Obie Awards, encompass Buried Child, The Late Henry Moss, Simpatico, Curse of the Starving Class, True West, Fool for Love, and also A Lie of the Mind, which won a New York Drama Workdesk Award. A member of the American Academy of Arts and also Letters, Shepard got the Gold Medal for Drama from the Academy in 1992, and also in 1994 he was inducted into the Theatre Hevery one of Fame.