Here's a complete guide to all Fortnite Week 9 Challenges, including exactly how to complete the 'Search chests in Haunted Hills' obstacle, 'Visit three different taco shops' difficulty, and also 'Follow the treacertain map found in Moisty Mire' challenge.

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The Fortnite Week 9 Challenges are out, with among them requiring you Follow the Treacertain map Found in Moisty Mire. This Fortnite week 9 challenge overview will help you find and follow the map in Moisty Mire and also obtain this week 9 obstacle completed as quickly as possible.

For more details on Fortnite Week 9 Challenges, head over to our Fortnite week 9 challenges guide web page, where you"ll get a summary of the obstacles and links for more detailed guides.

Treacertain Map in Moisty Mire Fortnite Week 9 Challenge

One of the week 9 challenges in Fortnite is to "Follow the Treacertain map Found in Moisty Mire". This complies with a collection of various other obstacles players will have actually encountered before, wbelow you have to uncover a map and also then usage its visual clue to recognize where the treasure is found in the Fortnite Battle Royale map.

This Week 9 challenge calls for you to discover the treasure map in Moisty Mire, then use it to uncover the bronze star needed to complete the challenge. While you do not actually must find the map if you use the area overview listed below, it"s nice to carry out all the actions in the obstacle.

Where is Moisty Mire on the Fortnite Map?

The first task you"ll need to carry out on the road to completing the Follow the Treacertain map Found in Moisty Mire obstacle is to actually discover Moisty Mire. Thankfully it"s pretty straightforward to find. You have the right to find Moisty Mire in the southeastern edge of the Fortnite Battle Royale map.

Fortnite Follow the Treasure map Found in Moisty Mire Week 9 Rewards

As ever before in the Fortnite weekly difficulties, you do not have to finish them all to earn the large weekly reward. The Moisty Mire Treasure difficulty will count towards one of the four that is required and earn you a nice 10 Battle Stars.

Fortnite Moisty Mire Treasure Map Location

We do not yet understand wbelow the map is in Moisty Mire, however we"ll upday this web page as shortly as we discover it once the Fortnite week 9 difficulties go live on Thursday, April 19.

Fortnite Week 9 Challenge Bronze Star Location

The accurate treacertain map that you have the right to uncover in the Moisty Mire deserve to be checked out simply listed below, but wbelow can it lead>


You have the right to view the last resting place of the Bronze Star just listed below, immediately south west from Retail Row.


The Bronze Star itself is located simply on peak of a chimney, which you"ll need to either land on, or develop your method approximately in order to reach.

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That"s all you need to understand to finish the Follow the Treasure map Found in Moisty Mire Fortntie Week 9 difficulty, however make sure to continue ahead to our Fortnite skins web page where we’ll rank the finest outfits easily accessible in the game, or out Fortnite Mobile guide if you want to know just how to downfill and also play the game on the go.