Break-even point=solved expenses divided by contribution marginbreak-even point=3,000,000÷150=20,000 units

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Suppose the marginal product of labor is 8 and also the marginal product of capital is 2. if the wage price is $4 and also the price of cap

Resistance to change is a normal everyday aspect in the workarea. Note what happens to the business climate when this res is given listed below :


Resistance to change occurs as soon as tright here is a adjust in the means an organization opeprices. As the exterior environment is constantly altering, carriers likewise should change their strategy and also interior environment to attend to the exterior industry. It is incredibly difficult to understand also how an organization’s employees respond to changes in the company. They may react positively or negatively throughout the alters.Changes in the business environment might involve simple measures such as planning, implementation, surveillance and also testimonial. Regular change in the organization is incredibly healthy bereason it leads to success.This case leads to conflict, inprotection and creates a negative business environment that hinders employee advance and performance. Resistance to readjust is usually due to inprotection, are afraid of task loss, and so on because of the absence of adequate indevelopment gave by the employee around the new changes taking place in the company.Tright here are actually various techniques to reduce negative perceptions that management employees have the right to understand also around the real require for readjust and the benefits that will certainly happen after the adjust.

A copy machine costs $45,000 as soon as new and also has accumulated depreciation of $44,000, Suppose Publish and also Picture Center junks this mac

correct option is c. Loss of $1,000


offered data

machine costs = $45,000

collected depreciation = $44,000

Sale value = $0


first we obtain compute book value of machine at sale time

Book worth of machine = Cost of the machine - Accumulated depreciation ...............1

put below value

Publication value of machine = $45,000 - $44,000

Book value of machine = $1,000


currently we obtain get or loss on the sale of the machine

Loss on sale of machine = Publication value of machine - Sale worth ..................2

put right here value and we acquire

Loss on sale of machine = $1,000 - $0

Loss on sale of machine = $1,000

so correct option is c. Loss of $1,000

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Mega Corporation has arisen a strategic arrangement that calls for a focus on appealing to a younger demographic. If it made a decision

Such alters would certainly require an understanding of:

a) intellectual property law


Pundit property can be defined as non-physical home of the mind or the intellect. They are intangible assets of the intellect that deserve to be safeguarded by law. The legislation that guides the development, intake and also enforcement of intellectual home civil liberties is understand as intellectual property regulation. They majorly involve developments of the mind such as; designs and also creative functions. The legislations were made to carry out inspiration to the inventors and creators of intellectual building to develop artistic creations that benefits the culture however additionally ensuring that they obtain profits and acknowledgement for their occupational.

In the conmessage above wbelow Mega Corporation desires to readjust it"s logo and also tradenote, they require an knowledge of intellectual residential property regulation considering that corpoprice logos and also trademarks are subject to intellectual home legislation.