The Fisher Void Pen Cap-O-Matic isn’t the many iconic pen made by Fisher Space Pen–that spot is hosted by pens such as the AG7 or their Bullet–however it is one that comes in a large array of options from the simple matte babsence such as the version I’m reviewing here to brass, chrome, and also even holiday themed. I haven’t counted exactly how many kind of models they have actually easily accessible, but this may be their pen via the many available deindications. It’s likewise one of their cheaper models varying from about $10US to $32US. The price is what initially attracted me to this pen as I had heard excellent things around all Fisher Space Pens yet I wanted to start off on the cheaper finish as they would certainly all have actually the same refill and hence the exact same composing experience. I likewise favor the sleek yet basic architecture of the matte black Cap-O-Matic.

When the pen arrived in the mail, I was automatically drawn to the design on package. It’s covered in a extremely detailed photo of a rocket launch appropriate after the boosters ignite via smoke climbing up the sides of the rocket. While I’m not certain, it looks favor one of the Sarotate V rocket launches. Right out of package, the pen created extremely well via very bit lead time to begin the ink flowing. Having provided largely fountain and also roller ball pens in the recent previous, I was not offered to the push compelled to write with a ballpoint however after some adjusting, it wasn’t a difficulty. I did alert that the ink often tends to blot or railroad which I have actually heard is prevalent through the medium refills that come conventional on Fisher Space Pens. I have heard that this is not an problem on their fine allude refills however I have actually yet to acquire one myself to attempt it out.

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The Fisher Space Pen Cap-O-Matic fits incredibly well in your hand even if it is on the little side

The end up on this pen is incredibly smooth and appears to be standing up to being brought in my padfolio or pen instance in which I lug many type of other metal pens, frequently through a knurled grip and it has actually yet to get a single scrape on it. I additionally love that this pen is entirely blacked out. Even the clip is black! It’s advertised as being a army pen and also has somewhat of a tactical look without all the bells and also whistles such as a glass breaker. Although, this pen is more than likely sturdy enough to break a window however the telescoping body components supplied to breakthrough the refill probably would certainly make that task challenging.

When I was initially making use of this pen, I did find that it was a little also thin for my choices. For comparikid, it’s about the exact same diameter as a Parker Jotter. Given I don’t use the traditional tripod grip I carry out prefer thicker pens such as the Zebra F-701 or Sarasa Grand also. But that’s individual choice, nothing wrong with the style itself. And also though it is not my individual choice, it is somepoint that I was easily able to accommodate and also acquire provided to. I no longer uncover myself gaining fatigued from the grip during long writing sessions.

Fisher Void Pen Cap-O-Matic

The center of balance is a bit farther in the direction of the back of the pen than the center, however for such a small pen it’s hardly noticeable.

Over the last few weeks that I’ve offered this pen, it’s progressively come to be one of my favorites. It’s rather little which means it’s easy to lug approximately, has an excellent weight to it, has actually a smooth finish, and also works repetitively. I can’t wait to obtain a fine suggest refill in blue ink and I think this pen will easily end up being among my all-time favorites

Disassembly of the Fisher Gap Pen Cap-O-Matic


The pen itself is made of brass and also steel offering it a surprisingly hefty feel for such a small pen. It’s noticeably heavier than the Parker Jotter despite being the same size. It is 5.375 inches in size which is simply a hair much longer than the Parker Jotter. It functions via a clicker system which features by pushing dvery own on the peak. The clip is very sturdy, so sturdy in fact that it’s somewhat challenging to place in a pen loop however you understand that suggests it’s going to be secure. The pen deserve to be disassembled into 2 pieces via the 3rd being the cartridge. The design I have is a matte babsence non-reflective end up but this pen comes in a wide selection of colors and choices.

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Fisher Space Pen Cap-O-Matic in comparichild to the, from bottom to peak, Parker Jotter, Zebra F-701, Zebra G-301, Zebra Sarasa Grand, and the Zebra R-301. If you can’t tell, I additionally favor Zebra pens


Overall, I think Fisher Void Pen did an excellent task via the design on this pen. It’s very basic yet very well designed. It works repeatedly well both in regards to the cartridge and writing ability and also in terms of its attribute. The click system is sensibly quiet yet has always been smooth and never before sticks. I have also not yet noticed any kind of wear over the optimal and also bottom components that rub on each various other once clicking the pen. I assumed that having actually two pieces of metal rub versus each other would certainly easily wear dvery own the finish, however the end up on this one appears to be sturdy. This would certainly more than likely stand also approximately everyday bring in pockets through other metal items rubbing up against it. Disassembly is exceptionally straightforward and the parts seem to fit incredibly well together so you do not uncover them coming loose over time and also use. I think the Cap-O-Matic is a great entry level pen right into the world of Fisher Gap Pens or a good enhancement to any kind of daily carry.