Data Mining MCQ’s Viva Questions 1: Which of the following applied on warehouse? a) compose just b) review only c) both a &

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Data Mining Mcq

1 of 34http://grdmcqonline/printqp.php?heading=II M.Sc(IT) <2012-2014>, Se...Dr.G.R.Damodaran College of Science (Au

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Documents Mining Mcq's

A goal of data mining contains which of the following?123A. To explain some observed event or condition B. To co

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1. ...................... is a vital process where intelligent approaches are used to extract information fads.A) Da

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Data Mining: What is Documents Mining? Outline Generally, data mining (occasionally dubbed data or expertise discovery) is the

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Documents Mining MCQ’s Viva Questions 1: Which of the complying with used on warehouse? a) compose just b) review just c) both a & b d) none of these Answer - Click Here: B 2: Data have the right to be store , retrive and updated in … a) SMTOP b) OLTP c) FTP d) OLAP Answer - Click Here: B 3: Which of the complying with is a great alternative to the star schema? a) scurrently flake schema b) star schema c) star snow flake schema d) truth constellation Answer - Click Here: D 4: Patterns that deserve to be found from a provided database are which type… a) More than one kind b) Multiple type always c) One form just d) No particular form Answer - Click Here: A 5:Background understanding is… a) It is a kind of automatic discovering. b) A neural netoccupational that provides use of a hidden layer c) The added acquaintance offered by a finding out algorithm to facilitate the discovering process d) None of these Answer - Click Here: C 6: Which of the adhering to is true for Classification? a) A subdepartment of a set b) A meacertain of the accuracy c) The job of assigning a classification d) All of these Answer - Click Here: A 7: File mining is? a) time variant non-volatile repertoire of data b) The actual discovery phase of a understanding c) The phase of choosing the best data d) Namong these Answer - Click Here: B 8: ——- is not a documents mining functionality? A) Clustering and Analysis B) Selection and also interpretation C) Category and regression D) Characterization and also Discrimicountry Answer - Click Here: B 9: Which of the complying with can additionally applied to various other forms? a) File streams & Sequence information b) Netoperated information c) Text & Spatial data d) All of these Answer - Click Here: D 10:Which of the following is basic characteristics or functions of a targain course of data? a) Data selection b) Documents discrimicountry c) Documents Classification c) Documents Characterization Answer - Click Here: D 11: ——– is the out put of KDD… a) Query b) Useful Indevelopment c) File d) information Answer - Click Here: B 12: What is noise? a) component of a network b) context of KDD and also information mining c) facets of a data wareresidence d) None of these Answer - Click Here: B Documents mining is a tool for permitting users to discover the surprise relationships in information. True/False Answer - Click Here: True Firms that are engaged in sentiment mining are analyzing information gathered from? A. social media sites. B. thorough interviews. C. emphasis teams. D. experiments. E. observations. Answer - Click Here: A. social media sites. Which of the following forms of information mining asindicators documents to among a precharacterized collection of classes? (A). Category (B). Clustering (C). Both A and also B (D). None Answer - Click Here: (B). Clustering What are the 2 major goals linked with information mining? Answer - Click Here: to find concealed fads and patterns are the two primary objectives linked via information mining 1. What is the adaptive mechanism management? a) machine language techniques b) machine discovering approaches c) machine actions approaches d) namong these Answer - Click Here: B 2. A basic procedure provided for applying intelligent approaches to extract the data patterns is named as … a) information mining b) data evaluation c) data implementation d) data computation Answer - Click Here: A 3. Category and regression are the properties of… a) information analysis b) information manipulation’ c) data mining d) namong these Answer - Click Here: C 4. A class of learning algorithm that tries to discover an optimum classification of a set of examples utilizing the probabilistic concept is called as … a) Bayesian classifiers b) Dijkstra classifiers c) doppler classifiers d) all of these Answer - Click Here: A 5. Which of the following can be provided for finding deep knowledge? a) stacks b) algorithms c) hints d) namong these Answer - Click Here: C 6. We specify a ______ as a subdivison of a set of examples right into a variety of classes. a) kingdom b) tree c) classification d) variety Answer - Click Here: C 7. Group of similar objects that differ considerably from other objects is called as … a) classification b) cluster c) neighborhood d) namong these Answer - Click Here: B 8. Combining different type of techniques or indevelopment is …. a) evaluation b) computation c) stack d) hybrid Answer - Click Here: D 9. What i sthe name of database having a set of databases from various merchants, possibly utilizing different database paradigms? a) homogeneous database b) heterogeneous database c) hybrid database d) namong these Answer - Click Here: B 10. What is the strategic value of information mining? a) architecture sensitive b) cost sensitive c) technological sensitive d) time sensitive Answer - Click Here: D 11. The amount of indevelopment through in information as opposed to the amount of redundancy or noise is well-known as … a) paragraph content b) text content c) information content d) namong these Answer - Click Here: C 12. What is inductive learning? a) learning by hypothesis b) discovering by analyzing c) finding out by generalizing d) none of these Answer - Click Here: C

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