This is a overview to the ideal method to spend complimentary time in Fire Emblem: Three Hooffers (FE3H). If you desire to understand exactly how to use totally free time many effectively, and which alternatives you need to prioritize, as well as just how to usage activity points, we"ve acquired you spanned.

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Best Use of Free Time

Tbelow are four alternatives you have the right to select to spfinish cost-free time: Explore, Battle, Seminar and Rest. You deserve to learn all about each of them comprehensive in our Free Time Guide, however this overview is to explain which of these alternatives is the ideal to choose.

In spfinishing totally free time, Explore is the ideal choice, adhered to by Battle, then Seminar, then Rest. Read listed below to find out our thinking and also the conditions that aid you select which one to pick.

1. Explore

Exploration is hands down the ideal means to spfinish free time, specifically once you have a lot of task points. You have the right to execute a plethora of things to boost the motivations of your students to complete bar, favor sharing meals, or going to choir exercise. Additionally, you deserve to do faculty training to improve yourself in specific elements.

If you execute not have actually a high professor level, it is still worth doing for the free actions, choose offering presents, fishing and utilizing the greenresidence, as they carry out not price any kind of points. Additionally, investing time in exploration to perform activities that raise your professor level is a lot more worth it in the long run.

At the begin, different the totally free days between trying out and also battles, providing priority to battles on days wright here tbelow are monster sightings.

Once your characters" levels are high level sufficient, use totally free days to Explore when you have cost-free days without any Rare Monster Sightings or pfinishing Paralogues. If you have actually two battle points, you have the right to simply carry out the Paralogues and also Rare Monster SIghtings in at some point.

2. Battle

Battle is vital because it is exactly how you level up your students. Early on, prior to the presence of Rare Monster sightings, attempt to perform battles eincredibly various other complimentary day to ensure your students execute not obtain underleveled. Prioritize Rare Monster SIghtings and Paralogues.

Rare Monster Sightings have opponents that are greater level than normal battles, definition more experience for your systems. Additionally, tbelow are always rare monsters that you deserve to gain loot from by damaging every one of their armor.

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Paralogues are necessary bereason they often provide Hero"s Relics, and also if not, they give various other rewards favor a unit"s one-of-a-kind battalion.


3. Seminar

Seminar is just beneficial in a meta sense, on days where you are also lazy to going through all the actions of experimenting, yet you carry out not desire to have actually a day wright here nobody enhances. If possible, execute not usage this alternative, unless your systems are currently overleveled and you have the max professor level.

Are Seminars Worth It?

No. They only tarobtain a select few units, and also they target what these devices are currently interested in. While it does give 50 impetus to each student, you"re a lot much better off picking to Explore and maxing out their inspiration for the next instruction session. This will allow you to select what they improve on, and it allows you to construct up on professor level, which is very vital.

4. Rest

Resting is only advantageous if you use the Sword of the Creator, as it is the just method to replenish its offers. The +50 to incentive is not enough to minimize the loss of gains from selecting to Explore rather.

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Is Resting Worth It?

Not unless you usage the Sword of the Creator. The increase of inspiration deserve to be done via Exploration, which also boosts your professor level. Increasing your Professor Level, as proclaimed before, offers you exceptionally excellent retransforms, and is a lot more worth it in the long run.