I execute have actually my favorites however I’m exceptionally new and want to know what you all think! I will have actually enough feathers soon.

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Reinhardt is the F2P god, and also Askr trio is a have to if you want to score well in arena. Other than that you should acquire yourself Aversa and also Nino, both are easily mergeable and great systems overall

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Reinhardt is more than likely the all-about ideal alternative in your barracks. The Babsence Knight is also not bad. Other than that, you should focus on your favorite devices. The game is even more fun as soon as you're playing it the means you desire than if you're trying to only usage the best things all the time.

Here's a list of peak 10 Hero kinds you should prioritize on upgrading to 5*+0 - that are typically easily accessible and also execute a LOT of job-related. Check the Assets/Flegislations of the ones you very own and even if you don't have optimal ones, it still does you good to promote 'em. Really, just the height 2 should be the priorities; the others can be done in any order.

Reinhardt. Rein via a dancer can get rid of substantial swathes of enemies; if paired up with a B!Lyn it becomes also more powerful. It's a trope BECAUSE it's true. Also you can fish for a +Atk version exceptionally conveniently.

Aversa. She deserve to run either her native tome or a Bladetome equally well, she's a flier so she's useful in a large variety of team comps (Guidance seal and Repo for inf/armor, flier buffs for trip teams), and also she's an MVP in Aether Raids, Rival Domains/Grand Conpursuits, and also also Arena. Spfinish 100 Grails on her if you don't have actually one ASAP (and also treatment about competitive play).

Nowi or A!Tiki - or both. While A!Tiki and also Nowi both have actually Lightning Breath+, A!Tiki is more breakable and also ideal as a solid Def tank, whereas Nowi runs a mixed build well - and she scales approximately the a lot of hard content slightly better than A!Tiki does.

Y!Azura. Her Publication of Dreams tome provides her deceptively solid, and also as a dancer she'll constantly contribute to your team - either by killing blues or dancing the Heroes that can kill what she doesn't. Anvarious other Grail buy that you need to spfinish on. Reyson is additionally a solid alternate, yet Olivia/Sylby means of are simply fine at 4*.

Caeda or Clair. Their 5* exclusive tools are efficient versus mounties and also armors, making them flexible even without refinements - and when they acquire polished, all hell breaks loose.

Nino, Tharja, or Odin. All of them have distinctive bladetomes and various ups and also downs - Nino needs rare SI (Odd Atk Wave) in order to feature well, and Tharja's tome needs it to be refined for max effect, and Odin has... poor stats for an offensive mage. But they're all GREAT if backed up by a team that buffs them.

Pain+ ... er, Azama or Lucius. You won't KEEP them; what you'll carry out is inherit Pain+ and Martyr+ to a 4* mounties healer (Priscilla, Clarine, or Nanna) and also make that Hero a 4*+10 task. Nanna's obtained the best stats, yet is the hardest to merge; Priscilla has high Atk/low Spd, and Clarine has actually low Atk/high Spd. Pain+ through Savage Blow is THAT excellent.

Marth, Masked Marth, Chrom, or Roy. All of them are effective against dragons, but the one I recommfinish most is Roy. He's capable of tanking an incoming dragon of any type of shade and also killing them if developed well via his weapon's distinctive refine.

Seth or Titania. While they call for a Divine Dew refinement, Atk Tactics from Legault, and Def Tactics seal from the Forge to achieve max potential, they can carry out AMAZING things, quickly buffing an entire team. Seth has actually Spd Tactics in his weapon, much better for offensive systems, and Titania has Res Tactics, better for tanks.

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Camus. While he shares a color via the freebie Fjorm, he likewise benefits from steed buffs and also does well in taking attacks that would kill B!Lyn or Reinhardt - and also unfavor Xander, he's quick enough to typically survive a mage attacking him once despite their pitiful Res. Bonus: Available for cost-free from a GHB.