Fast Facts

Stephen will celebprice 8third birthday on December 31. 110 PA-41, Space, PA is the residential attend to for Stephen. We know that Anne B Zelina additionally lived at this attend to, perhaps within a different time structure. (717) 442-0506 is the phone number for Stephen. Residents of 17527 pay approximately $1,030 a month for a 2-bedroom unit. The popularity rank for the name Stephen was 321 in the US in 2020, the Social Security Administration"s information shows

How to Search and also Find Stephen J Zelina Jr

The population of the US is 329,484,123 human being (approximated 2020). There are at least 2 records for Stephen J Zelina Jr in our database alone. People through the exact same last name and occasionally also complete name have the right to become a genuine headache to search — for instance, Mary Lawsonis uncovered in our documents 1,031 times.

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Alter Names

The exact same perkid have the right to show up under different names in public records. Quite frequently, human being usage short versions of their name (i.e. Sam vs. Samuel), occasionally they use their name’s global variations (Andrew/Andriy). It is quite rare however still happens that a perkid can be found being detailed under a fully various name.

Alter Name *Full NamePersons Count ?Share ?
StevenStalso Zelina 319.77%
SusanSusan Zelina 10.81%
JohnJohn Zelina110.59%
MichaelMichael Zelina80.59%
SandraSandra Zelina10.44%

* Other possible variations for this name:Steve, S, Stephan, Stephanie, Steph, James, Scott, Stephens, Stphen, Sue.

Last Name Possible Variations

Foregime surnames have the right to be transliterated and even analyzed (e.g. Moon vs. Luna). Sometimes names in public records are misspelled because of silly typos and also OCR errors. For instance, Mowen can be detailed as Aowen. Make certain to inspect as many variants as feasible.

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Alter Last NameFull NamePersons Count ?Share ?
WarnerStephen Warner 3166.25%
WhaleyStephen Whaley 896.25%
WeimerStephen Weimer266.25%
SlabyStephen Slaby106.25%
AliStephen Ali145%
AlfaroStephen Alfaro73.75%
GonzalezStephen Gonzalez2073.75%
RodriguezStephen Rodriguez4703.75%
PerezStephen Perez2923.75%
JonesStephen Jones3,4742.5%
LivStephen Liv12.5%
DozierStephen Dozier282.5%
HedrickStephen Hedrick752.5%
WoodleyStephen Woodley202.5%
CampbellStephen Campbell1,4152.5%
QuinnStephen Quinn4052.5%
McmillanStephen Mcmillan1372.5%
ThomasStephen Thomas1,7922.5%
RoaStephen Roa72.5%

This surname is uncovered in public documents in assorted versions, some of which are Velina, Celina, Zelena, Zalina, Amberbeth, Zelima

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ZIP Code 17527 Rent Values

Stephen resides in the 17527. HUD has the following fair industry rent worths (jan 2021):

Year0 Bedrooms1 Bedroom2 Bedrooms3 Bedrooms4 Bedrooms
2,021 $690$820$1,030$1,300$1,400
2,020 $730$870$1,090$1,380$1,480
2,019 $790$950$1,190$1,510$1,610
2,018 $760$900$1,090$1,390$1,520
2,017 $650$780$980$1,260$1,350
2,016 $560$660$840$1,070$1,150
2,015 $870$1,020$1,230$1,530$1,640
2,014 $850$1,000$1,210$1,510$1,620
2,013 $850$1,000$1,200$1,490$1,600
2,012 $480$550$660$810$970

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Neighbors" Era Distribution

Indevelopment on the Modal age groups of Zelina’s next-door neighbors (we’ve analysed 500 families nearest to the Zelina’s current address)


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