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1 A guy attempts to rob a financial institution to pay for an operation for his companion, however the instance becomes one of hostages and also then deterioprices into a media circus. What 1975 movie is this?
Answer: Dog Day Afternoon Starring Al Pacino and also Charles Durning, this movie was based upon a true story. In 1972, Sonny Wortzik attempted to rob a financial institution, via, inevitably, about 250 police, the FBI, eight hostages and about 2,000 onlookers in attendance!
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2 This movie is around Native Americans via Kevin Costner as Lt. Dunbar. Won many type of Oscars that year consisting of ideal image, finest director, ideal adjusted screenplay and also best score. Made in 1990.

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5 What is the name of this 1960 movie about an orphan boy who provides friends through a wounded dog? The dog finds a gun and also the rest would certainly give the game away!

Answer: A Dog"s Best Friend The dog, a Germale Shepherd, is named King and also the gun is a murder weapon! Soon, both the boy and also the dog are being pursued by the killer. Harry Dean Stanton shows up in a rather minor duty. He was, by the way, ideal man at Jack Nicholson"s wedding to Sandra Knight (they divorced in 1968).
6 This movie is the first of 3 in the series around an Australian played by Paul Hogan and also his girlfrifinish played by Linda Kozlowsky. Made in 1986.

7 1976 - A team of Germale soldiers try to kidnap Winston Churchill in 1943. Starring Michael Caine, Donald Sutherland and Robert Duvall. "The__________Has Landed." What animal is lacking from the film title?
9 This movie, which starred Porky Pig throughout "Be Kind to Animals Week", complies with Porky when he affectionately pats a huge, slobbering dog, which instantly takes a liking to him. This animation from 1951 is called what?
Answer: Dog Collared The dog ends up adhering to Porky anywhere. With the voice of the inimitable Mel Blanc, this is a seven minute classic!
10 This following movie is about a Vietnam bound Naval played by River Phoenix and a waitress played by Lili Taylor. Made in 1991.

11 1968 - Based on a George Plimpton book and starring Alan Alda. "Paper________." What type of animal is in the absent field?
13 British soldiers are in training in the Scottish wilderness and also discover a wounded Special Forces Captain and the stays of his team. What is the name of this movie from 2002?
Answer: Dog Soldiers Starring Sean Pertwee, son of "Dr Who", this is a scary British movie! The soldiers are on patrol in Scotland also and also they come across a team of male eating beasts that turn out to be werewolf"s!
14 This following movie is from 1964 around the invasion of an island sancturary by a French lady and school kids. Stars Cary Grant and also Trevor Howard.

15 1981 - A Germale terrorist goes to New York and also Sylvester Stallone is out to soptimal him, Rutger Hauer likewise stars. "Night__________." What form of animal is lacking from the title?
16 This full-length animated movie around a dog dubbed "Dog", from 1986, is well-loved "down-under", not because it"s an Aussie flick though. What"s its name?
Answer: The Dog"s Tale Based on the cartoon strip "Footrot Flats" by Murray Ball, that invested his at an early stage years in New Zealand also, Australia, and also South Africa, this movie was "set" on a mythical New Zealand also farm and focused on the adendeavors of an optimistic farm dog and his owner Wallace Footrot.
17 This movie is about the many common insect originally made as a mild horror movie about a guy turned right into this bug by a lab task gone wrong, then re-made as a gorefest in 1986. Originally in 1956.

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18 1968 - 1183 AD: King Henry II"s three sons all desire to end up being king, yet he is unable to commit to a selection. Peter O"Toole and also Katharine Hepburn star in this well done film. "The_______In Winter." What is the absent animal in the title?
20 A young boy, living via his grandpa, discovers a beaten dog and also adopts it and registered nurses it back to health and wellness. What is the name of this 1999 movie?
Answer: A Dog of Flanders This variation, via Jack Wardon, Jon Voight and also Cheryl Ladd is a re-remake of the original 1914 version of the movie. The original 1914 variation was a short, first remade in 1959 via David Ladd in the cast.
21 Want a banana? This is about an world lived in by apes originally starring Charlton Heston, freshly remade starring Mark Wahlberg. Made in both 1968 and also 2001.

22 1959 - An impoverimelted backward nation declares war on the USA. Peter Sellers stars. "The _______That Roared." What is the absent animal in the title?
24 This 1993 movie featured a police officer, a mobster and a woguy, who"d rather be everywhere yet in between them! What is the name of this movie?
Answer: Mad Dog and Glory Starring Robert de Niro, Uma Thurmale and Bill Murray, this comedy/drama is about a policemale who conserves the life of a mob/crime boss.