The Field (California) Poll began in 1947 as an independent, non-partisan, media-sponsored public opinion news organization and also has issued over 2,400 different reports because that time.

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During its lengthy background, The Field Poll has gained a national reputation as a repeatedly dependable and also authoritative source of public opinion fads in The golden state. News stories quoting The Field Poll appear routinely in national and also state media. References to findings acquired from the poll show up in thousands of publiburned works by scholars, political and also social writers.

Unfortunately, The Field Poll closed at the end of 2016. While The Field Poll has closed, the archive of information sets and press releases is still obtainable.

Accessing Field Polls

Field Poll data are provided through an arrangement through UCDATA at the University of The golden state at Berkeley. Follow the instructions uncovered right here.


Publimelted job-related or any type of develop of public circulation need to include the adhering to disclaimer: Documents for this research, originally accumulated by the Field Research Corporation, were offered by the University of The golden state Documents Archive & Technical Assistance (UCDATA). UCDATA is not responsible for the evaluation and also interpretation of the data appearing below.Access to these embargoed documents is IP authenticated, and is not available from off-campus computer systems.

Setting Up Your Browser to Downpack Files from UCDATA

Note: The instructions provided below are for the Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox browsers and the Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating devices.

To download records develop UCDATA, you will must allow passive FTP. We recommfinish that you also allow FTP folder view. For Firefox, these are the default choices, so no alters are vital. For Chrome and Net Explorer, you may have to change the precollection options. If you are utilizing a university computer, you may need to have administrative privileges to execute this, so consult your IT assistance.

To inspect (and, if need be, change) Internet choices for Chrome and Web Explorer:

Cshed your browserClick on your start button (Windows 7), or tap or click on "Settings" (Windows 8). Then click (or tap) on:"Control Panel""Netjob-related and also Internet""Net Options""Advanced"Scroll dvery own to "Enable FTP folder view" and also "Use Passive FTP" and make sure that they are checkedClick (or tap) on "Apply" and "OK"

Field Poll Press Releases

Field Poll push releases from 1996 through 2016 are easily accessible here.

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Press releases before 1996 are obtainable on the UCDATA webwebsite. Scroll down the page and you will find a link to browse the push releases.