Jeffrey and Austin Brasher both died in as their trucks collided on Saturday morning, as one drove house from a party and the other to job-related. Police say alcohol may have actually been a variable

Jeffrey and Austin basher passed away Saturday morning, once they collided head-on on a windy Alabama road. The father, Jeffrey, was heading to work-related, as Austin, his son, was coming house from a night out through friends.

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Jeffrey Brasher and also his child Austin were defined as “very cshed.”

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They loved playing golf together, functioning on each other’s swings. Jeffery’s sister Pamela Brasher Dennis told of her brother, “He loved being a husband and father… the kind of male who, if you essential somepoint, you’d go to him bereason he would help. He wanted to make you smile, and his kids were his number one priority.”

Father and also son killed in head-on collision through each various other in Alabama: "You really simply cannot imagine it" Back to video


Jeffrey and Austin might have actually been close, however on Saturday morning they were on extremely various journeys.

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Jeffrey, 50, pulled himself out of bed to gain a head-begin on the day lengthy before the sun increased. As a breview distributor for two decades — “Everybody knew him as the bread man,” Dennis shelp — early on mornings were expected.

So he climbed right into his 2006 Ford pickup and also set out in the pre-dawn of Bankston, Alabama, around 110 kilometres west of Birmingham. He was en route to Flower’s Bakery in rural Winfield to pick up the day’s fresh distribution.

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After driving for about a half-hour, Jeffery pulled onto County Highway 49 — a curving two-lane road lined by walls of pine trees. The state’s rolling hills were shrouded in darkness. He wasn’t wearing a seat-belt.

On the other hand, his 22-year-old child Austin was heading residence after a long night partying with friends, his cousin Monica Marie Aker told People, calling him “the life of the party.”

My worst are afraid was that Austin would make it through and also then kill himself because he wouldn’t have been able to address killing his father

“In high institution, he was quiet, but everyone kbrand-new who he was,” Aker shelp. “He was the little guy driving the big truck. He was incredibly well-preferred and could really get along with anybody.”

Sitting in the cab of his 2004 Chevy pickup, the little bit male in a huge truck had actually got to the stretch of County Highmethod 49 near Winfield himself. The winding road, which at that hour is lit just by headlamps and moonlight, was almost invisible.


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Like his father, Austin wasn’t wearing a seat belt.

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At 4:10, the 2 collided head-on, reported. Jeffery was pronounced dead on the scene, while Austin was ruburned to UAB Hospital in Birmingham, wright here he clung to life till 9:18 a.m. Police said alcohol could have actually been involved yet did not elaborate.

“You really just cannot imagine it,” Dennis told People. “There are no words that can be shelp. Everybody’s life readjusted on Saturday morning. No one’s life will certainly be the very same after this.”

Aker sassist she can’t imagine how Austin would certainly have faced the guilt if he had actually lived.

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“My worst are afraid was that Austin would certainly make it through and then kill himself because he wouldn’t have been able to resolve killing his father,” she told People. “It would have actually destroyed him.”

Dennis shelp she hopes others take this a reminder that no day is guaranteed.

“We need to host on tight to our faith,” Dennis shelp. “We love Austin and Jeff and our household will never be the exact same. We want everyone to hug and also spend time through their households. Love your household every day. Don’t let anything go unshelp. You never recognize what tomorrow will certainly carry.”