GIVEAWAY, Resee, Photos: Bliss FatGirlSlim Lean Machine – At-Home, Spa-Powered Body Contouring System

15 Feb GIVEAWAY, Resee, Photos: Bliss FatGirlSlim Lean Machine – At-Home, Spa-Powered Body Contouring System


FatGirlSlim Lean Machine ($145.00) is the first spa-powered body contouring system in the “FatGirl” family members. This brand-new machine uses a super-effective, vacuum-assisted massage action to boost the penetration of the FatGirlSlim Firming Cream ($36.00; my favorite Bliss body cream being their Fat Girl Six Pack tummy-toning gel). When provided in unikid, the body contouring system is a spa-apverified method to attain a smovarious other, slimmer looking silhouette.

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The 4-in-1 vacuum massage functions as follows:

1. Lifting feature stimulates skin

2. Adjustable settings permit for a deeper penetrating massage that motivates lymphatic draining and also detoxification

3. Rear roller gently smoothes out the skin

4. Pulsing activity creates a repeated motion to intensify the massaging effect


The FatGirlSlim Cream is shelp to visibly reduce the appearance of excess fluid retention with QuSome (R), which are encapsulated caffeine molecules for quick and also targeted outcomes. Applying the cream before making use of the machine will certainly also encourage a smovarious other gliding motion.


If you purchase this in the spa, you get to take house the device and gain 30-minutes of the actual massage totaling to $195.00. Otherwise, it is accessible at Bliss Spas, and the Bliss directory. I have actually likewise seen it in my regional Sephora stores and also online at

So, I might simply be able to say good-bye to my 3 pairs of Spanx that I wear at as soon as to occasions. Cheers to a slimmer silhouette (non-alcoholic cheers unless done in moderation, I promise)! PS- Find out here–>>What reasons cellulite?

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– Nicole Gordon Levine

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