I am structure a settlement and I desire to know if inhabitants deserve to wear power armor. If so, can they take the power armor if the power armor is on display on a power armor rack?



Yes. They tfinish to perform it without your consent if you occur to leave fusion cores in your power armor. If you"ve never had actually this happen, you are unbelievably lucky.

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To answer your question: "Can they take the power armor if they are on the power armor racks/stands?"

Based on this thread:

As topic states, we were got into and also a settler stole my suit of power armor off the rack it was on

Based on later write-ups by OP, he had left a combination core in the suit:

the settler left the suit tright here through around 5 charge left in the core

So, as implied earlier, unless you want to lose your power armor with no warning, take the fusion cores out of your power armor.

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