In the menu display, Fallout 4 reflects a picture (check out below) of Power Armor being attached to a Power Armor Station using hooks and chains. The best I"ve been able to execute is exit my armor once near the terminal, however it never actually attaches.

Is this something in-game that actually happens, or does the terminal not have anypoint to execute through storing Power Armor?




This is just added visual fidelity in pre-rendered scenes.

The power armor does not hook into the power armor station in game, however if you leave the power armor near the power armor terminal and also then usage the power armor station"s "craft" choice it will certainly move the armor into a similar position to the pre-rendered scenes, just without the chains:



It doesn"t attach per se, yet if you exit the armor cshed to the station and then activate the terminal, the armor will lock into place in the correct place.

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You deserve to watch this occur in Day<9>"s playwith right here.


If you have say, 2 stations side by side and 2 suits of armor, selecting crafting at the station will certainly pull in the closest suit to that station; also if it is currently docked at an additional station! (Not certain what the selection on that is though, the stations were side by side via a suit docked in on, the other was a couple of steps away)


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